TGIF! 108 Democrats Stood Up To Barack Obama

Money is the lifeblood of campaigns, according to Gatewood’s campaign manager. So how much will he be able to raise? [Ralph Long]

The Tennessee Valley Authority will pay a $10 million penalty and shut down more coal plants in an agreement with the EPA. [H-L]

Nine things the rich don’t want you to know about taxes. This link comes courtesy Ed Martin. [WWeek]

Are these Anchor Gays?! Democrats are pushing to secure immigration rights for same-sex couples. Mouth-breathers are set to go absolutely insane ASAP. [HuffPo]

Yesterday Alison Grimes announced the endorsement of the Indiana Kentucky Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights. [Twitter]

Your congresspeople need to hear from you this morning. Make your voice heard. [KYA]

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is showing its cards in primaries. Kentucky’s had first-hand experience with this the past several years, for sure. [Politico]

You should go read this story about ‘spillionaires’ – it’s all about profiteering and mismanagement in the wake of the BP oil spill in the Gulf. [Pro Publica]

Yesterday 108 House Democrats defied President Barack Obama by voting against the 2011 spending deal. [The Hill]

Apparently, none of the top criminals of the financial crisis will face prosecution. [NY Times]

We truly feel some sadness for Bobbie Coleslaw. Serious sadness. $7K raised? Ouch. [Ryan Alessi]

Hal Rogers did an interview with Peter Cook regarding the budget proposal. Give it a watch. [Bloomberg]

The Herald-Leader editorial folks say Lexington Mayor Jim Gray’s budget is a good start but heavy lifting is ahead. [H-L]

4 thoughts on “TGIF! 108 Democrats Stood Up To Barack Obama

  1. Why would unions be interested in the secretary of state’s race? Probably because they think she’s going farther. Obvious that Grimes is for sale with the corrupt unions. I thought Grimes might be a breath of fresh air, but with so many of the union bosses stepping behind her I have changed my mind.

  2. I think we need maturity and experience in office. Nothing against the girl, but Grimes is a little too green for my taste. Secretary of State is too high of a position for someone with no experience.

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