Guns, Stem Cells, Teabagging And Fundraising

WHAS11’s reporters have taken a look inside a Florida drug trip and it’s loosely alarming. [WHAS11]

Republican lawmakers tout Medicare reform by stretching a comparison to the health benefits they receive. Time for some fact checking. [WaPo]

Wait, the teabagger running for auditor is in bankruptcy? The Republicans can’t field better candidates than that? Really? [Ryan Alessi]

On Monday and Tuesday President Barack Obama and Dr. Jill Biden will honor Kentucky teacher Erika Schmelzer Webb of East Jessamine High School as one of the 2011 National Teacher of the Year recipients. [Press Release]

Here’s the reaction from the Swedish press regarding U.S. Ambassador Matthew Barzun’s departure. [The Local]

Richie, you know, if these stories about wasteful spending aren’t true… why have you remained silent for YEARS? [WHAS11]

Ron Paul’s logo guy says if anything, Mitt Romney stole their logo. We’re craving popcorn. [Wonkette]

Is town hall rage organic or astroturfing? Let’s get real, here. [Politico]

Former Obama aides and other Democrats are forming giant fundraising groups – the very kind President Barack Obama and the White House have decried for years. [NY Times]

Studies reveal that the rich don’t flee high-tax states. So much for that right-wing talking point. [NPR]

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington overturned a judge’s ban and now allows stem cell research to go on. [WaPo]

Walmart is bringing back gun sales to hundreds of its stores in the United States. [BBC]

Which maybe doesn’t sound so terrific once you realize 247 people on the terror watch list bought guns in 2010. [The Hill]

This should send chills down your spine. Pacific Gas & Electric worked on some documents with erasable ink. [San Francisco Chronicle]

David Williams is in an unusual spot. You should read Ronnie’s take on this again. [Ronnie Ellis]

Papaw Beshear Filled Sandbags For A Photo Op

Yesterday Governor Steve Beshear visited Western Kentucky to assess flood and storm damage.

“Today I have once again seen the damage and destruction that a natural disaster can inflict on Kentucky families,” said Gov. Beshear. “My administration has emergency management officials, members of the National Guard, employees from my office, as well as from a variety of cabinets, out in the field and staffing our Emergency Operations Center in order to ensure that all calls for assistance are met.”

Naturally, that required a photo op in Smithland:


It’s great to see the governor out and about checking on things. But that bit of stopping to pretend to fill sandbags is… it rubs us the wrong way. Particularly when there are countless individuals doing the real work in the same dang photograph.

Barzun Heads Obama’s Campaign Fundraising

U.S. Ambassador to Sweden Matthew Barzun is heading President Barack Obama’s re-election fundraising effort:

Matthew Barzun, a former Lincoln resident who is now US ambassador to Sweden, will give up his diplomatic post to work for President Obama’s re-election by overseeing what some have projected could be the country’s first $1 billion White House campaign, The Boston Globe has learned.

Barzun, a 40-year-old Harvard College graduate, will serve as national finance chairman for Obama for America, the president’s Chicago-based campaign committee. He is replacing Penny Pritzker, the Chicago billionaire who helped raise nearly $750 million for Obama’s 2008 campaign.


While some political scientists and campaign finance experts have projected Obama could raise over $1 billion in the current campaign, his staff has disputed that. It notes that he won’t face the same sizable primary field as he did in 2008, nor will the president have to build his national name recognition as he did in the first campaign.

Yet recalling an ambassador after less than two years in such a plum post underscores the importance the campaign is placing on its overall fundraising effort, said one Massachusetts Democrat versed in the decision.

Barzun said on his embassy blog that he’s surrendering his post in Sweden at the end of May:

President Obama has asked me to take on a new mission. He is seeking reelection and has asked me to help steer that effort by serving as Chair of his National Finance Committee. I am honored to be asked to serve in this new capacity, and am accepting the president’s call. However, because of the nature of American presidential elections, it means I will have to leave this post all too soon — at the end of May.


Brooke, our children, and I have lived a Swedish life together here – one that will always be precious in our memories. At the same time, we look forward to continuing the wonderful relationships we’ve forged with the many Swedes we count as friends. As we move on to the next mission, Sweden comes along as part of who we are. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

A billion bucks?

That’s insane campaign money.

Rep. Geoff Davis Addresses Financial Literacy

In his latest column, Congressman Geoff Davis discusses Financial Literacy Month:

April is Financial Literacy Month, and now is a great time to learn or review the basics of budgeting, saving, investing, responsibly using credit cards, managing your credit rating and protecting yourself from identity theft.

There are an abundance of useful resources to help make sense out of the sometimes complicated financial products we use in our everyday lives and make sure we are doing what is necessary to ensure a financially healthy future. Organizations such as the Financial Literacy Education Commission’s website at offer tips for planning to buy a home, living within your means, eliminating debt and planning for your retirement.

Establishing simple and sound financial habits, such as balancing your check book, monitoring your credit report, and creating a monthly budget, will lead to a better financial future for your family. These good habits also contribute to your children’s financial literacy and ability to make smart choices as they get older. Ensuring you and your family are financially literate now will help to eliminate potential bumps down the road.

Click here to read the rest.

Surprisingly (not because he’s incapable, but because these gubmint things are usually a drag), Davis includes a ton of great information that everyone should keep handy.

Moffett Camp Hit By KREF, Openly Mocks Law

Phil Moffett’s campaign “manager,” David Adams, tweeted this last night:


Yup – openly mocking the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance, which sent a letter to Moffett regarding his illegal campaign activities, which we first told you about:

  • Moffett’s Camp Coordinating With Outside Group [April 21]
  • Teabaggers Just Love Ignoring & Violating The Law [April 22]
  • Phil Moffett Is Still In Collusion With PAC [April 25]
  • Teabagger Continues To Cross State-Federal Line [April 25]

Here’s the latest story from the mainstream:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Phil Moffett’s campaign dismissed as “absurd” on Thursday a complaint that it may have coordinated with an out-of-state tea party group that is running at least one radio ad in Kentucky.

Kentucky Registry of Election Finance attorney Emily Dennis warned the Moffett campaign in a letter Thursday to “cease and desist” any discussions it may have had with Western Representation PAC.

“Not only did we do nothing wrong, it’s absurd that state government is burning up precious resources to intimidate citizens exercising our God-given rights to challenge the establishment,” Moffett campaign manager David Adams said. “I’d love to have a real fight over this on the merits or on the basis of our free speech rights. We won’t be scared off by this nonsense.”


Dennis said the registry had received a report alleging the Moffett campaign and the political group may be coordinating efforts. If so, Dennis warned, any money the group spends would be considered an in-kind contribution that could exceed the state’s $1,000 campaign contribution limit.

Click here to read the entire article.

You catch that? David Adams blatantly and purposefully ignoring campaign finance law.

It’s a shame those guys won’t win because people have gone to prison for less. Anybody remember my pal, Jeff Smith, whose campaign illegally coordinated with an outside entity in a similar manner and lied about it? Skipper Martin? Danny Ross? These folks are being completely open about it. And if they’re asking for a fight? They may want to be more selective with their words. Cause it doesn’t take anything for law enforcement to swoop in and take charge.