Kentucky Is Grateful For Tennessee’s Craziness

Funny how the Democrats didn’t realize the Republicans would never truly work with them on a nonpartisan level after being effed in the rear for decades. [Bloomberg Businessweek]

The foreigns are just cold taking over! Protect your white women, fat mouth-breathers! [The Census]

How do President Barack Obama’s claims about Libya stack up with reality? Let’s find out. [HuffPo]

Jill Midkiff is hopping around and will be the new spokesperson for the Cabinet for Health and Family Services. [Bluegrass Politics]

Kentuckians should be thanking the heavens for Tennessee and the masses of ignorant people who believe theme park shysters. We can be a little less embarrassed about the Ark Park for a few minutes. [NY Times]

Here comes Mitch McConnell continually trying to kill the environment. Killing the EPA is about the dumbest thing any Warshington freak show has suggested this year. [The Hill]

The Kentucky Equine Education Project elected Corey Johnsen as its new board chairman. Johnsen replaces outgoing former Governor Brereton Jones. [The ‘Ville Voice]

In the latest polling from Daily Kos and the SEIU, President Barack Obama’s favorability ratings have taken a minor hit. Down from 49 faves and 45 unfaves to 47 each. [Daily Kos]

Anyone who thinks Donald Trump is a legitimate or remotely qualified to be president is dumber than a box of Sarah The Quitter Palin’s used tissues. [Wonkette]

The labor fight at the federal level is most certainly heating up. Teabaggers are going insane these days. [HuffPo]

The University of Kentucky’s Dr. Michael Karpf is pushing efforts to block a Northern Kentucky hospital from treating sick babies in a neonatal care unit. Maybe Dr. Karpf should think carefully about what he says in public. Even if what he’s saying is coming from a good place. [H-L]

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