Kentucky Democrats Are Nastier Than Republicans

A media type sent us an email earlier that said they received a survey from KDP folks discussing media reading habits that specifically questioned whether or not they read Page One. HA. What a waste of time and money. [Deep KDP Failures]

This is terrific news! A WLEX videographer rescued a woman from a burning car. [H-L]

Today at the Boy Scout Council Banquet in Frankfort, Daniel Mongirado will present the “Man of the Year” award to his friend Joe Graviss. [Press Release]

According to the latest polling data from Harvard’s Institute of Politics, President Barack Obama’s approval ratings are on the rise among millenials and those on college campuses. [External PDF Link]

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is still allowing Metro Animal Services to burn to the ground. Nepotismesque, nasty, wasteful, ridiculous, embarrassing, corrupt. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Elaine Nogay Walker announced that the implementation of the Fast Track Business Filing system is complete. Despite, of course, her having absolutely nothing to do with it. That was all Trey Grayson’s work and his remaining staff handled the final phase. Yet another incident of wasting taxpayer dollars to send out an official press release to benefit Walker’s candidacy. [Press Release]

Mitch McConnell has decided he wants to get teabagged 24/7. Could have predicted this, for sure. [Politico]

He’s now saying Chuck Schumer is extreme – not the teabaggers. Funny how his tune has changed now that he realizes his days in the U.S. Senate are numbered. [HuffPo]

A brave wingnut is crusading against creeping Sharia in Alaska. Because you know all the Muslins want to go to Sarah Palin’s town to just cold hang out and party. [Wonkette]

A gigantic duh moment: Kentucky’s public schools’ heath services are crazy uneven. A new report that cost thousands upon thousands of dollars underscores what you already knew. [H-L]

The national Republicans should take a few pointers from some Kentucky Republicans – hating the gays doesn’t really get you anywhere these days. [NPR]

Just a reminder that there are tons of lodging discounts at Kentucky State Parks throughout the month of April. Get out and see our beautiful Commonwealth! [Page One]

The Beshear Crew Are Obsessed WIth Critics

One of the cool things about watching the Kentucky Republican Democratic Party – along with Steve Beshear’s re-election campaign – is the extent to which they are accidentally transparent:

What was that, again, about the Beshear crew not spending a ridiculous amount of time focused on one individual who is on their side politically?

Haha. Right.

Oh, and Beshear camp?

Eat me. You can’t stand that I’m not Mark Nickolas and I can’t be bought by Jonathan and Jennifer Miller, among others, like the other progressive bloggers. The same bloggers who ask me for jobs, who have gotten paid by me in the past for work, etc. So you’re out to push disgusting personal attacks.

Would like to take this moment to thank the KDP for sending me a nasty email in which they personally attacked using a recently deceased loved one. Thanks, Daniel Hogsdon, for allowing your staff to be so disgusting. Glad to finally have a reason to talk about you and a few of your other staffers – like Chad Aull and the reason he’s no longer with his former employer. That is, if you want to continually attack the messenger rather than address the real issues.

Grimes Receives First Major Labor Endorsement

Today Alison Grimes received the first statewide endorsement from the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 227.

“A major focus of the UFCW Local 227 is ensuring that every Kentuckian has access to cast their vote. We are impressed with Alison Lundergan Grimes, and her plan to promote free elections, increase ballot access, and ensure that every vote is counted. Alison shares our values and she will be a strong advocate for working people,” said UFCW Local 227 President Gary Best.

“I am very excited to receive this support. The United Food and Commercial Workers and I share a commitment to standing up for working people,” Grimes said. “This endorsement demonstrates the united grassroots coalition we are building and the statewide momentum our campaign is gaining,” Grimes added. “It further shows the solid commitment I have made to be a strong voice for the hard-working families all across our Commonwealth.”

How bout them apples, Steve Beshear?

Moffett Hypocrisy Tank Gets Deeper And Deeper

So Phil Moffett hates the economic development cabinet and government handouts to businesses.

From a Moffett/Adams email blast in October:

“Beshear isn’t shooting straight with Kentuckians when he claims that he is working tirelessly to improve the economy,” Moffett said. “I challenge him to name one thing he has done to improve the economy and complaining about it doesn’t count.”

“Shutting down the Economic Development Cabinet and implementing my tax plan will get Kentucky moving again.”

But at the same time, Phil’s such a crappy businessman that he has to rely on a $75,000 Small Business Administration-backed loan to keep his business afloat? A loan you can only get if you are denied by a bank without a cosigner?


Funny how that teabagger hypocrisy works.

We couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried. Coupled with Moffett’s, you know, crazy history, it’s tough to take anything the man says seriously.

Rin Tin TEA? Really? Poor Teabagger Delusions

This guy, John Kemper, is apparently a teabagger running for State Auditor. His claim to fame is having worked for Andy Barr’s failed congressional campaign and being endorsed by Right to Life.

What’s most interesting about him, despite eventually losing, is this image that came in a recent campaign email blast from one of his campaign officials:


Cannot stop laughing.

You are welcome.