You Should Thank Congressman Hal Rogers

Last week, Congressman Hal Rogers called Florida Governor Rick Scott to voice his concern over the ignorant move Florida made to kill prescription drug monitoring in that state.

Here’s part of his statement on the matter:

“For years, I’ve seen the havoc wrought in Appalachia by the abuse of pain medication, but the misuse of prescription drugs is now the fastest growing drug problem in our entire nation. It is no secret Florida’s pill mills have been ground zero for the illicit diversion of these drugs, and now is no time to shy away from the immense challenge of shutting down the pill pipeline,” said Rogers. “I look forward to welcoming ONDCP Director Kerlikoske to my congressional district next week, to bring to the national spotlight the lawlessness and hopelessness that can result from pills diverted along the ‘Flamingo Road,’ but also to highlight the impressive strides to attack this multi-faceted problem in southern and eastern Kentucky thanks in large part to Operation UNITE. My people are doing their part; it’s time for Governor Scott to use the tools at his disposal to do the same.”

Like Rogers or not, he’s standing up for Eastern Kentucky on this front and he deserves our thanks.

1 thought on “You Should Thank Congressman Hal Rogers

  1. Would that be the same ONDCP from which Rogers proposed cutting $67.8 million?

    Sorry if I’m not feeling especially grateful to Hal these days.

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