TGIF! When Will The Meth & Mexicans Crap Stop?

I’m not going to shut up about this. There’s no reason for wasteful legislation to stop meth production. Limiting access to legitimate consumers is ridiculous. Send a letter to your legislator today. [SEND A LETTER!]

That meth bill cleared a Senate panel yesterday but a floor vote was delayed. You’d think the Republican Senate – of all places – would think twice before doing something so crazy expensive and less-than-great in the eyes of many law enforcement officials. Guess they didn’t see that LRC study, eh? [CN|2]

Greg Stumbo, in agreement with David Williams, says he’s willing to end the legislative session early. So why are we wasting time and money to begin with? [FOX41]

The E-Verify bill discussion in a house committee yesterday turned into a hot mess. Is it ever a good idea to implement something that you know is super-flawed? [H-L]

28 Eastern Kentucky kids were taken to the hospital after their school bus crashed in Leslie County. [WHAS11]

Apparently bills get repeated in Frankfort on Groundhog Day. Guess there’s nothing wrong with forcing the Capitol to relive its nightmares. [Bluegrass Politics]

Steve Beshear will speak at the annual conference of the Kentucky School Boards Association in Louisville today. 2:15 P.M. Galt House Grand Ballroom. Any and all press should be there to ask the governor why he refuses to tackle comprehensive tax reform and why he’s so keen on saying one thing and doing another. [Press Release]

Do you have $89 million? That’s what Kentucky’s gonna need if Frankfort enacts that silly and racist immigration bill. [Northern Kentucky Politics]

Nope, we still can’t take Hal Rogers seriously when he talks about cutting government spending. It’s too hilarious to ever consider. [The Hill]

You know how things in Egypt are absoflippinglutely crazy right now? They’re about to get crazier and the government has something to hide. They’re rounding journalists up left and right. [HuffPo]

The Family Jesus Council will have none of that anti-bullying business. Teaching kids that bullying is bad is obviously part of the scary ho-mo-sexual agenda. [Wonkette]

The sentencing of Thomas Schroeder, Robert Felner’s partner in crime, was delayed because of defense objections. [WAVE3]

2 thoughts on “TGIF! When Will The Meth & Mexicans Crap Stop?

  1. “Waiting for Tom’s Turn”

    Bobby: “Tom, come on over to the ‘good side.’ Prison isn’t all that bad if you go to one of these luxury camps.”

    Tom: “I’m still scared witless.”

    Bobby: “No worry, babe You can grow schemes here, too. It’s like a little UofL.”

  2. What is it with judges & the “justice” system. Lawyers for people like Tom & Karen are able to object, need more time etc in a seemingly successful effort to keep their clients out of the slammer. Good for them. But I believe Tom, Karen & their ilk should be in jail while their attorneys pursue these tactics….

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