Some Exciting Veiled Democratic Racial Fears

Last week the Pike County Chamber of Commerce held a forum with Eastern Kentucky legislators at which several issues were discussed.

One of those big issues? Kentucky’s proposed racist immigration bill.

Here’s what Democratic State Senator Ray Jones had to say, from an article in the Appalachian News-Express:

One of those filings that Jones spoke about is a controversial immigration bill that seeks to establish a policy similar to that of Arizona, which has been highly criticized by some who claim the policy promotes racial profiling.

But jones said he voted for the bill because of the potential benefits to Kentuckians.

Without monitoring immigration, Jones said, the state opens itself up to potential violence associated with the Mexican drug trade.

“Not only do we not know how many (immigrants) are here illegally, we don’t know who is here legally,” Jones said.

Jones said illegal immigrants are a burden on the state economy, but cautioned that strict enforcement of the law could cause overcrowding of jails and prisons, creating yet another potential budget crisis. However, taking no action may be worse, Jones said.

“It’s costing millions and millions of dollars that we don’t have,” he said.

How fitting that a Kentucky Democrat would vote for a bigoted piece of legislation without having any definitive facts and figures upon which to base his decision.

Gotta protect our white women, I guess. Dougie Hawkins would be so proud.

7 thoughts on “Some Exciting Veiled Democratic Racial Fears

  1. I’d always thought Sen. Jones had great potential to be a shining star for our party. His support of this legislation is extremely disappointing.

  2. No, it’s ALL disappointing. :( I don’t know why the Democrats in Kentucky feel like they have to pander to the ignorant. Or maybe I am giving them too much credit. Maybe that’s really how they feel, which is the MOST disappointing of all.

  3. Many eastern Kentuckians are simply racist and Jones seems to be wise and deceitful enough to take advantage of it.

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