Your Governor: Askeerd Of Tax Reform & Smokers

Americans have withdrawn $311 billion from savings and investment accounts over the past two years. Who thinks that number isn’t going to increase? [WSJ]

What? You though the havoc wreaked by Robert Felner was over? His protégé, John Deasy, is already terrifying folks in Los Angeles. [Yeah, Still A Nightmare]

Democrat John Lackey, of Richmond, filed to run for Commissioner of Agriculture today. [SoS]

Teabagger David Adams says that David Williams called him repeatedly last year to “stop Rand from talking about spending cuts and term limits.” We call on Adams to prove it. Because Rand’s people say that’s a far-fetched claim to be making. [Amanda Van Benschoten]

Tell me, again, why Steve Beshear refuses to address comprehensive tax reform in Kentucky? How is it the sitting Democratic governor can get away with that? At least this guy is calling Frankfort out. [Larry Dale Keeling]

Republican Hilda Legg filed to run for Secretary of State today. Meaning Alison Lundergan Grimes is going to be your new SoS, Kentucky. [SoS]

No, House Republicans cannot put big spending cuts into action. Because they’re just like House Democrats. They get into power and then they go insane. [CNN]

Kentuckians can now vote on the 2011 election slogan. [SoS]

Don’t you love it when Louisville television stations are accidentally Anti-Semitic? [The ‘Ville Voice]

Jack Conway’s regretful U.S. Senate campaign and his admission of effing things up is apparently national news. Again. But maybe in a good-ish way. [TIME]

You know how the teabaggers say they aren’t racist obese people on Rascals? Well, guess where some of the teabaggers are holding their national conference. In Arizona. [Wonkette]

It’s crazy that it’s cheaper to buy home than to rent in most of the United States in this day and age. Even in Kentucky. [HuffPo]

12 thoughts on “Your Governor: Askeerd Of Tax Reform & Smokers

  1. “News Goes Haywire in Rhode Island”

    UofL honcho: “Gads, I hear there’s yet another story on Felner and Deasy in Jake’s damn blog.”

    UofL PR guy: “Not to worry. The dumb NPR blog in Rhode Island got us mixed up with UK. So they’ll take the hit this time.”

    UofL honcho: “You mean, after all our scandals–Felner, Deasy, Pitino, the free speech case, the hospital commotion–and we’re still not known to everyone coast to coast?”

    UofL PR guy: “Pray for that, pray for that.”

  2. Who thinks of these cliche slogans? ! I hope no one working on the taxpayer dime. I mean, check out the spelling “poles” in the second to last one. I think the correct spelling is “polls” but I guess we just need to give Dr Todd some more money to adequately educate his students.

  3. Re the SoS slogan vote:

    Choice Number Four says that we should vote three times.

    Yeah, that’s about right.

  4. Hilda Legg is a good candidate who should be able to raise some money. Johnson had a head start but didn’t have much early success in the fundraising department.

    The Republican slate of candidates is a lot better today than it was yesterday.

  5. When you say Hilda Legg is a “good” candidate you mean, “the only real choice for run of the mill neo-conservative big porker” candidate….. yeah, you’re right.

  6. Hit your head on the stripper pole a bunch lately?

    The real world isn’t Democratic or Republican. Pretending that either party is superior is delusional on your part.

  7. OK, let’s see: criticizing Logsdon for his support of Repubicans = OK; critizing two GOP candidates for their gushing over Democrats = not OK. Makes perfect sense to me.

  8. Daniel Logsdon is a Republican.

    Working in a bipartisan fashion is hardly the same thing as pretending to be something you’re not.

    No wonder there are so many closet cases in Frankfort.

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