TGIF! Welfare Honky Tonkin’ On The Taxpayer Dime

Somebody call Jim Gooch to taint things! The EPA has vetoed the largest mountaintop removal permit. [WV Gazette]

Granted, I’ve been amped up out of my mind for a few days by taking a single Kroger generic Claritin D (thank you, allergies & congestion!), but I still think it’s absurd to want to require a prescription for it. I mean, what the heck kind of world is it we live in when it’s easier to get a handgun than some allergy medicine? [H-L]

The Kentucky Supreme Court has worked to streamline Family Court procedures. [WAVE3]

Dear Rand Paul: You can’t pretend that nasty political rhetoric isn’t a problem. Regardless of whether or not it had anything to do with the nutbag who killed people in Tucson. That’s like pretending Jack Conway ran a great U.S. Senate campaign and we know that’s not based in reality. [The Hill & B&P]

Sarah The Quitter Palin’s email hacker is serving his sentence at a prison camp in Ashland. Unlike Palin, he won’t be able to quit his sentence half way through when he gets tired of it. [HuffPo]

Mitch McConnell says he is going to ruin Social Security with the help of the Democrats. You better tell your meemaw and poppop right away. [Ryan Alessi]

That’s after he kills health reform legislation, of course. It’ll be fun watching that veto process, if repeal should happen. [Reuters]

Assistant Attorney General Scott Crawford Sutherland, the guy prosecuted Ernie Fletcher, is headed to Nashville to work. Ernest Lee is probably happy about that. [WHAS11]

My favorite thing out of Frankfort this week: poor Lonnie Napier talking about “welfare abysses out honky tonkin’ on the taxpayers’ dime.” Amen. Can’t stop laughing at that, even though it’s… less than couth.  (Laughing at Napier, of course) [Deep Frankfort Thoughts]

According to the Census Bureau’s Alternative Measurement, the elderly poverty rate has jumped to 16.1%. And you wonder why I’m always foaming at the mouth about elderly abuse and such. [HuffPo]

Now what will Teresa Isaac do with her time on Facebook and Twitter? The Comair Flight 5191 crash trial has been postponed by a judge. [WKYT]

And what will Kentucky schools do? They may no longer be allowed to serve french fries to students every single day. [WLEX]

7 thoughts on “TGIF! Welfare Honky Tonkin’ On The Taxpayer Dime

  1. Elderly poverty rate has jumped because the Fed devalued the dollar, hurting savers, and when you are elderly is when you are living on savings, without much option. The economy/extraordinary measures to deal with the economy was just the second boot dropping, but that and Obamacare are all, also, at the expense of the elderly.

    Heated rhetoric may be an issue, but it isn’t a cause of a shooting in Arizona, and pretending it was is heated rhetoric in itself.

    On social security, no one is going to go further than Rand Paul; he is taking all the heat for this, and will continue to do so, because he is the one willing to take it to fix the problem. Sad statement on DC, actually.

    Hope you feel better. Imagine how more limited doctors will be when on top of Obamacare going into effect, you have to get a prescription to by Claritin D etc? It isn’t Pharma pushing this at all, oh, no, it is just to save us all from drugs…

  2. I truly don’t know if you’re mentally fucking retarded or just a fucked up teabagger who can’t help but lie through their fucking teeth.

    To suggest that heated rhetoric had no role in the Tucson shooting is something that you DO NOT know. Nor does Rand Paul. To suggest otherwise proves your ignorance.

    To suggest that the above is the only reason elderly poverty jumped is also ridiculous.

    Jesus christ. You fucking teabaggers never stop.

  3. No one can or will ever know if the heated political climate caused the Tuscon shooting, but it is safe to say I think the political rhetoric is worse than it has been in years. Personally, I think the tea party is responsible for most of the disturbing rhetoric. They are like spoiled children. If they do not get their way or if everyone does not agree with their positions, they damn everyone to Hell. They stir up hate among Americans and then have the audacity to call themselves Christians.

  4. Jake, the shooter didn’t follow talk radio or political rhetoric. He instead did drugs.

    “I truly don’t know if you’re mentally fucking retarded or just a fucked up teabagger who can’t help but lie through their fucking teeth.”

    ^ That is uncalled for and shows your true colors!

    Retard? Really, Jake?

  5. Yes, really. Mental retardation is about the only thing that can explain that bogus crap.

    Fitting that someone who has anonymously spewed some of the most racist tripe ever tries to take me to task for saying RETARD.

    Retard retard retard.

    I love it when you concern trolls say stupid shit. $$$ in my pocket. Keep it up.

  6. With all due respect, rhetoric talk does remind me with Bush’s people telling me “You are with us or with the terrorists” for voicing opposition. For those who think that right now is touchy rhetoric, they need to go back and remember where our country used to be. We used to have politicians who shot and killed each other. Right now is tame and really. Both sides are grasping at straws.

    Politics very rarely turns violent at any political rallies. I’m sure someone will bring up the KET incident where it got out of hand or the SEIU beating etc. but, those are rare. I’ve seen more fights over sports talk than politics.

    Rhetoric is how you also put $$$ in your pocket, Jake. Nothing wrong with it. This rhetoric argument is the same crap the Frank Simon and the Christian Coalition types use to shut down musical acts and Artists. It’s a soft sell on censorship.

    This dude was mentally wired wrong and needed help. Let’s stop passing the political football around and focus on the real issues. Rhetoric talk is a waste when people are still unemployed, mentally ill are still needing help and our country is drowning in a sea of debt.

    Just my 2cents.

  7. “Unlike Palin, he won’t be able to quit his sentence half way through when he gets tired of it.”

    Can. Not. Breathe.

    Please put this in your collection of Best Quotes for your best-selling tell-all book.

    Thanks for the early afternoon excitment, and a break from my constant thoughts about what an embarrassment Gooch is.

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