Dan Seum Will Protect You From Nobama

State Senator Dan Seum, who just won re-election sent out a “survey” to constituents a couple weeks ago. I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at it.

Excerpt from his letter:

My priorities remain creating jobs, holding the line on taxes by making government more effective, protecting your rights against attempts to force you into a government-run health care system, and other unconstitutional liberal power-grabs.

Isn’t that librul gubmint power fear cute?

Seum asks how important the following are:

  • Jobs/The Economy
  • Close pension loopholes for state legislators
  • Make Kentucky’s state budget more transparent by requiring state agencies to justify all their spending each year before a meeting open to the public
  • Pass a “Neighborhood Schools Bill” that would permit a parent or legal guardian to enroll a child in the school nearest to the child’s home
  • Amend Kentucky’s Constitution to allow you to choose your health care insurance rather than being forced into a government “public option” system controlled by bureaucrats in Washington DC
  • Cut waste and fraud from Kentucky’s Medicaid program so the system can work more efficiently
  • Amend Kentucky’s Constitution protecting public displays of religion, including the Ten Commandments, as part of a display of historic documents
  • Require a woman considering an abortion to have a “face-to-face” meeting with a doctor to discuss medical risks rather than listening to a recorded message on a telephone or watching a video
  • Promote “clean coal technology” to ensure an energy independent America uses Kentucky coal
  • Give the public at least 48-hours to read a bill that raises taxes or spends tax dollars before it can be voted on

Aren’t those great? He’s only asking about the issues that matter to his crazy self.  I love that he put “clean coal technology” in quotes – because it’s ironic and doesn’t exist.

Which is your favorite?

He asked several other questions in the survey that ask for more detailed input. Here’s an excerpt about gambling:

There has been a lot of discussion about expanding gambling in Kentucky. While many people are opposed to any expansion of gambling, some say the General Assembly should pass legislation allowing the KY Lottery to operate slot machines, called “VLT’s”, at horse tracks. Other people say that there should be a vote of the people approving a constitutional amendment before there can be any expansion of gambling.

  • I think the people should vote on a constitutional amendment before there is any expansion of gambling
  • I think the General Assembly should pass legislation allowing VLT’s at horse racing tracks without a vote of the people
  • I am opposed to the expansion of gambling

Isn’t it pretty clear that the Republicans want to talk about gambling again?

3 thoughts on “Dan Seum Will Protect You From Nobama

  1. Given that Article 46 of the state constitution states that all bills are to be read before the Assembly on three different dates, if Seum and the other legislators would follow the Constitution, we already have the 48-hour provision.

    I wonder if the fact that a Virginia judge threw out portions of the health care reform, including the health insurance requirement, will affect upcoming state legislation.

    I do expect a Missouri-style “no forced payments”-type Constitutional amendment to come out of the 2011 session.

  2. I got that survey. I appreciate the effort to see where the concerns of one’s constituents are, but I thought most of the questions were loaded and/or very slanted.

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