Secret Revealed: The Way Sylvia Lovely Travels

PEE ALERT! DSCC chair Bob Menendez said Jack Conway’s Aqua Buddha ad killed his campaign. I TOLD YOU the DS was pissed about it weeks upon weeks ago. [The Hill]

Craig Dilger was re-elected chairman of the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. David Martin was re-elected as vice-chairman. [Press Release]

Health reform could mean rebates for consumers. Insurance plans covering more than 50 people have to begin spending 85 cents of every dollar on care. [Chicago Tribune]

The Pentagon says no one has been dismissed for being gay in the past month. Maybe things are beginning to change. [HuffPo]

Over the past five years, companies that produce the TSA’s body scanners have doubled spending on their lobbying efforts. The entire country is so shocked. [USA Today]

As we’ve seen for a week on Kentucky sites, the national folks are catching up to the story about Rand Paul comparing Barack Obama to Hitler. Interesting how that works. [Think Progress]

Who will be the Ron Paul of 2012? There’s no way it’s gonna be Sarah The Quitter Palin. [Salon]

Dear Indiana teabagger: You weren’t censored via “corporate censorship” – your comments were deleted because we’ve told you multiple times to take your shit spin elsewhere. Nor are we afraid of embarrassment, otherwise we wouldn’t leave your other comments up. When you can’t comment without spin, you aren’t welcome. This is not some free speech zone and, yes, we do get to control what does and does not get discussed. Take your “christ” bullshit elsewhere. [Teabagger Nutjob]

Kentucky teabaggers don’t think the curbstomper should face charges. They want the aggravating girl who got curbstomped to be charged criminally. [B&P]

The Republicrat victory a few weeks ago wasn’t much of a mandate. Here’s more on that. [PPP]

BREAKING: We have just learned how Sylvia Lovely gets around these days. I repeat, we have just learned how Sylvia Lovely gets around these days. [WaPo]