Oh Snap Monday! Mitch Hates The Victims Of 9/11

Does anyone believe the race between David Williams and Phil Moffett is a fight yet? Yes, I’m seriously asking. [Bluegrass Politics]

Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw pretends she wants to run for governor. This is some real Peppy Martin shiz, folks. [Joe Arnold]

Andrew Compton’s body still hasn’t been located. Saturday marked the fifth day of searching a Southern Indiana landfill. I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say I can’t wait for this to come to an end so the public can learn the details of what really happened. [FOX 41]

Compton’s brother wrote on his website Saturday that we shouldn’t believe everything the media tells us, expressing frustration. I know I speak for everyone when I saw our thoughts are with the Compton Family. [Andrew Compton is Missing]

Mitch McConnell’s opposition could be dooming the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. Typical Mitch. Never doing anything, always complaining and trying to kill everything around him. [NY Daily News]

Will anything ever change with Passport? With the University of Louisville officials controlling the board have to answer for their lack of oversight? Will Larry Cook’s behavior with our tax dollars become the new standard for screwing the poor over? At least one newspaper in Kentucky takes this seriously. [H-L]

Guess it’s time for me to make a lot of cookies for my right-wing friends. Maybe dip these puppies in some pink-ish white chocolate? Use a chocolate chip for an eye? [Best Cookie Ever]

Probably need to get this one to go along with it? Right? AMIRIGHT??? [Second-Best Cookie Ever]

You’ve been McConned, folks. Total McCon job. Mitch McConnell is a gigantic hypocrite who is only out for himself. In case you weren’t already aware. Even Dubya knew it. [B&P]

Farm subsidies are highlighting the hypocrisy of anti-spending teabaggers. You can bet Kentucky will soon be at the front of this mess. [HuffPo]

9 thoughts on “Oh Snap Monday! Mitch Hates The Victims Of 9/11

  1. “My Fellow Amurkins . . .”

    McConnell is one of the many hypocritical GOPers who just love to say they love our patriots to death (in this case, the 9/11 workers) and then do nada for them in return. Of course, our High Priest of Privilege would never volunteer his ass for such patriotic duties (unless he were counting beans for Humana).

  2. “Give Us Money for More PR”

    In the horrid case of spending Medicaid dollars on lobbying and public relations, UofL officials have once again broken their own Olympic record for crass money-making dealings and extra-exorbitant PR. How an ordinary citizen could give UofL a dime is beyond comprehension. It goes into a big black hole of dark deceit to be used mainly for some unholy purpose (e.g., PR, athletics, lobbying, etc.).

  3. Only two states have a worse S&P credit rating than Kentucky and no state has a higher debt/GDP ratio. David Williams makes a big deal out of stopping the issuance of some bonds and some tax increases in the last budget, but he has voted for several tax increases over the course of his quarter-century political career and has approved every dime of Kentucky’s debt. There is no way we can balance the federal budget without straightening out Kentucky first. Republican voters in 2011 will have a choice between David Williams’ Credit Card Carnival and Phil Moffett’s Four Corners Platform. It is a fight worth having.

  4. From your fetus cookie site:

    “The product speaks for itself and even the packaging is amusing. Amazingly, we used this to make almost 50 cookies at our Halloween party and our guests enjoyed every single one of them. I thought for sure many would be too grossed out to eat them, but apparently not.”

  5. “When they’re done, your kitchen will be filled with the enchanting aroma of fresh baked fetuses.”

    I’m just not sure what to say about that statement?

    Would that aroma really be enchanting? WTF? If you had to predict the odds of that statement ever being uttered, it would have to be billions to one.

  6. I don’t think Moffett has a chance against Williams.

    The clock is ticking and I don’t see Moffett gaining much, if any, ground.

  7. When you look at the list of Passport board members, there should be no surprise that there are suspicions of corruption which is rampant at U of Hell where most of them also take home paychecks.

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