Pee Alert: David Williams Is Now A Teabagger

Somebody needs to get this fancy cat tea party print for Rand Paul ASAP. [Don’t Hesitate]

HAHAHAHA! David Williams is now pretending to be a tea partier! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Somebody needs to ask his entire staff what they think about that hilarity. Also, repealing the 17th Amendment? He’s not gonna beat Papaw Beshear at a time when anybody could probably beat him. [Can’t Breathe]

Since Damon Thayer has decided he doesn’t want to run for State Auditor of Public Accounts, who will the Republican Party of Kentucky field? I mean, legit candidate? Predictions? [Ryan Alessi]

The Northern Kentucky teabaggers are fighting against the tyranny of bladder cancer prevention. Hide your children! Hide your wife! [B&P]

The rift between Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul over earmarks apparently reflects debate within the GOP. Instead of just the reality that the teabaggers and corporate folk like Mitch don’t really get along. [Bluegrass Politics]

Why is Mitch McConnell afraid to discuss George W. Bush’s new book? Can’t he answer any question with something from inside his own head? [WHAS11]

Sullivan University in Louisville held a vigil for Andrew Compton on Tuesday night. Tons of people showed up to celebrate his young life. [The ‘Ville Voice]

This guy, Jack Kingston, is apparently Hal Rogers’ alternate and he wants a term-limits decision. [Politico]

Barack Obama is giving in on the Bush tax cuts. Because we all know regular people don’t need help. It’s the mega-rich most in need. [HuffPo]

Lexington failure Jim Newberry did it again! He tried to hide the city’s screwed up health plan until after the election. What a nightmare. [H-L]

Norton Healthcare and the University of Kentucky are forming an alliance. Meaning the University of Louisville screwed itself. Again. [WAVE3]

Today is Veterans Day so find an event in your area and go. Take your kids. And thank a vet. [Veteran’s Day Events]

1 thought on “Pee Alert: David Williams Is Now A Teabagger

  1. If David Williams really believes that repealing the 17th Amendment is a good idea, then he should with draw from the governor’s race now and drop out of politics all together. Taxed Enough Already (TEA) supporters, no matter what party they are affiliated with, support the Constitution and the government of the people by the people. What Williams is suggesting would take away from that concept, and like Obama’s mandated health care, take away another of the freedoms we enjoy in America. The freedom of choice, or the freedom to choose our elected officals via the ballot box.

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