Joe Sonka Is A Horrible, Terrible, Sorry Liar

Joe Sonka is a damn sorry liar. People aren’t just talking about how Mark Riddle should never run a major race in Kentucky again. They’re talking about how he should never run ANY race in Kentucky again. [B&P]

Was neuromarketing used in the 2010 election to scare the bejeebers out of meemaw and poppop? Most certainly. [Fast Company]

John Yarmuth got a fancy letter from HUD and it looks like financing could be on the way for the massive Museum Plaza project. [The ‘Ville Voice]

A gourd birdhouse workshop? Yes please! We approve of this. [Press Release]

Mitch McConnell said in a videur tape that there is no reason for the GOP to gloat. [WaPo]

But the teabaggers are telling Mitch McConnell to grow a pair. Ruh ro. [The Atlantic]

I told you the Republicrats are tryina have them some casino gambling. David Williams is all over it. [Bluegrass Politics]

Oh, hey, RED CHINA Mitch McConnell has a lot more to say about how dumping Binackkenyaite Nobama in 2012 is the only way for the world not to end. [HuffPo]

Trey Grayson shared a bit of information about what could come next if Candy Barr tries for a recount against Ben Chandler. [Ryan Alessi]

9 thoughts on “Joe Sonka Is A Horrible, Terrible, Sorry Liar

  1. Jake Payne helped elect Governor Steve Henry, Senator and Governor Bruce Lunsford, and new Louisville Mayor Hal Heiner. Riddle can’t touch the genius Payne.

  2. Aww, look! It’s a mouthbreather from Southern Baptist Bullshit College!

    I seem to remember giving Steve Henry the advice to leave politics and stop what he was doing. Funny how that worked out for him.

    I worked finance in Bruce’s gubernatorial race – and that worked out REALLY swell. A million+ bucks.

    And I didn’t support Hal Heiner.

    So, what was that, again?

  3. Mr. Payne you spend a lot of time attacking consultants and candidates who won’t pay you and everybody knows it. That’s what.

  4. Really? Who hasn’t paid me? And who have I attacked for not paying me?

    Jack offered to advertise in May and I turned him down. Both Jim Arnett and Allison Martin were witnesses.

    Tyler Allen’s campaign bought ad space here. And what’d it get him? Intense scrutiny. So save your horse shit.

    You certainly talk a big game. A game Kimberly Greenwell tried to talk until her buddy, Steve Henry, was convicted and she summarily got her ass handed to her.

  5. P.S. Now that the mouthbreathing Southern Bullshitters are out defending Mark Riddle, maybe it’s time for me to examine the Riddle-Halloran-Mahoney scandal?

  6. Kimberly has some great stories about you too, Mr. Payne. Have Burgan and Riggs Lewis un-hooked you from their speed dials yet?

  7. Keep attacking me.

    Bring it.

    Straight from a sore, ignorant loser and the bullshit Baptists.

    Because there’s a whole lot I haven’t published. Including details of the ongoing Henry investigation.

    I’d love nothing more than to talk about all that. And to start publishing everything I’ve got but withheld out of respect to a losing candidate.

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