Kentucky’s 2010 General Election Results

It’s finally arrived! The election has come and it’s almost gone. Two long years of hell. Get those sighs of relief ready.

We’ll update results from various races around the state throughout the night beginning at 6:00 P.M. At 7:00 P.M. Eastern, the U.S. Senate race should be called.

Feel free to use the post as a free for all!

Just keep it semi-clean and FUNNY. No Debbie Downer stuff tonight, kids.

U.S. Senate

  • Rand Paul – with 90% reporting – 688,842 – 56%
  • Jack Conway – 552,020 – 44% – It’s been an hour and Jack still refuses to concede. Conceded 2 hours later. Decent concession speech.

3rd District U.S. Congress

  • Todd Lally – 112,469 – 44$
  • John Yarmuth – 138,992 – 55%
  • Michael Hansen
  • Ed Martin

4th District U.S. Congress

  • Geoff Davis – 143,071 – 70% with 91% of precincts reporting
  • John Waltz – 62,228 – 30%

6th District U.S. Congress

  • Andy Barr – 116,478 – 50%
  • Ben Chandler – 117,478 – 50%

12th State Senate District

  • Alice Forgy Kerr – 20,341 – 51%
  • Don Blevins – 19,397 – 49%

18th State Senate District

  • Jack Ditty – 13,878 – 46%
  • Robin Webb – with 92% reporting – 15,978 – 54%

34th District State Senate District

  • Jared Carpenter – with 80% reporting – 19,228 – 66%
  • Lee Murphy – 9,067 – 31%
  • Donald Vanwinkle – 746 – 3%

38th State Senate District

  • Dan Seum – 26,136 – 61%
  • Marty Meyer – 16,900 – 39%

33rd State House District

  • Ron Crimm – 14,924 – 66%
  • Kimberly Greenwell – 7,540 – 34%

38th State House District

  • Mike Nemes – 5,120 – 51%
  • Tim Firkins – 4,930 – 49%

41st State House District

  • Nathan Haney – 2,572 – 25%
  • Tom Riner – 7,587 – 75%

46th State House District

  • Brian Simpson – 6,943 – 45%
  • Larry Clark – 8,639 – 55%

62nd State House District

  • Ryan Quarles – 8,508 – 50.66%
  • Charlie Hoffman – 8,287 – 49.34%

71st State House District

  • John Will Stacy – 8,257 – 64%
  • Christian Weigel – 4,712 – 36%

Joe is following the Lexington mayoral race here:

  • Jim Newberry – 37,560 – 46%
  • Jim Gray – 42,856 – 53% – This is significant. Kentucky’s first openly gay mayor!

Or follow me on The ‘Ville Voice for Louisville mayoral race (among others) results:

  • Hal Heiner – 124,995 – 49%
  • Greg Fischer – 131,136 – 51%

33 thoughts on “Kentucky’s 2010 General Election Results

  1. Thanks for you coverage of all things Kentucky Jake. We don’t necessarily agree on policy, but you’ve earned my respect and a permanent place in my daily news rotation.

  2. Yup, not even a “too close to call.” As soon as the polls closed statewide, Paul was declared the winner.

  3. Lexington mayoral race is non-partisan.

    Gray’s the progressive, openly-gay candidate.

    Newberry’s the less progressive, hateful, soon-to-be-former mayor.

  4. I’m sorry Steve, but if Conway ran a halfway decent race, I think you may be entitled to chastise the voters in this state, but he didn’t.

    He jumped the shark at Fancy Farm and sealed the deal with the Aqua Buddha ads.

    As far was our State being backwards (which it is), that blame lies at the feet of Frankfort, not our Senators.

  5. Mark H, you always seem to bark at things that aren’t there.

    I didn’t chastise anyone.

    I just stated a fact — No real change from Bunning in terms of ideology. And no real change or improvement can be expected for the state.

  6. Sorry, if I took it the wrong way. We certainly wouldn’t have seen any improvement with Conway either. I would have thought he wouldn’t have embarrassed us as much, but after the Aqua Buddha episode, that assumption went out the door.

  7. If we want to talk about Conway, yes, he ran a shitty campaign. He positioned himself as a cowardly dweeb, and that doesn’t work in Kentucky.

    I’m so happy to speak my mind now.

  8. Welp, I’m glad I stopped paying attention to the Senate race a week ago. Ignorance is bliss.

    Congrats to Jim Gray, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Yarmuth landslide.

  9. As much as I hate Rand Paul, surely it isn’t too much to ask to have him do a better job than Bunning.

  10. Crutnacker, I’m wondering if Paul will take enough time away from being a Fox/Tea Party media darling to do even an ounce more of constituent service than Bunning, who did hardly any.

  11. Winning is cool…but I was hoping to see a scorched-earth, fields-fallowed, raped-and-pillaged humiliating defeat of Todd Lally after being subjected to his obnoxious hate speech.

    11 pts and growing…can’t complain.

  12. Paul will be too busy running for President to worry about poor old Kentucky.. Maybe its not too late to change my religion to Aqua Buddha, that damn Spaghetti Monster never really helped me out anyway

  13. Of course Conway refuses concede! Hell, I’d be on the verge of a nervous breakdown if I were him. No worries, Jack, a couple hits of the ol’ Aqua Buddha and you’ll forget all about it…

  14. Did Conway run a campaign? Rand Paul was all over the state and meeting with people. He was making his voice known and showing his face. Conway seemed to be asleep. I think his Aquabuddha ad made him look idiotic and destroyed his chances. But his campaign was running on fumes for months.

  15. My client Dennis Parrett won tonight over State Senator Elizabeth Tori. Huge win for the Democrats tonight. Great state senate pick up.

  16. Mark H, time will tell on Greg Fischer. Either he will succeed beyond our expectations, or he will hang himself with the ample rope now available to him.

    For the sake of the city of Louisville, I hope he succeeds in making the economy more vibrant.

  17. GF will now have to deal with the fact that a WHOLE lot of people are waiting for him to fail. Not necessarily HOPING for it, but expecting that he will for a variety of reasons. He is very politically naive – this isn’t derogatory, just the simple truth. I’m concerned that his lack of knowledge will mean he is swayed to do things by his handlers – and that is the only word I can use for them. His choice of transition chief, someone who has absolutely no idea of how Louisville government actually works, means we have the blind leading the blind. I’m already hearing that he will be making a couple of his officer buddies “special police” – under KRS 95.160 – probably hasn’t noticed that he’ll need a director of safety to do that. And yes, JA has special police working for him too, I know.

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