These Next Few Days…

Campaign season is in high gear and over the next few days both sides will be going 100 miles per hour.

So, if you notice any hijinks or shady crap – Democratic or Republican – be sure to contact us at our Tips address. Photos, videos, whatever you’ve got. The same also applies if you see anything super-positive or heart warming.

And more importantly, on Tuesday, please do your part and cast a vote. It doesn’t matter who you support. Just go do it. If you’ve got elderly friends, relatives, neighbors? Ask them if they need help getting to their polling location.

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24 thoughts on “These Next Few Days…

  1. Registered voters, please DO open your doors this weekend when people come knocking. It’s just your friendly campaign volunteers encouraging you to vote and making sure you know your polling location. At this point, no one’s trying to persuade you, only visiting supporters to Get Out the Vote. These front-door encounters are the most rewarding part of the campaign for many tired volunteers. Buoy each other up, and maybe offer some chocolate!

  2. Bruce: Yup. Got scammed into it myself and then Googled it.

    Laurie: Could also be the Jehova people. You never know. They’re persistent.

  3. If you answer the door naked, the Jehovah’s out you on their “do not knock” list for at least a few years.

    I imagine it would work for political volunteers as well.

  4. @Brian, I didn’t think it was really a negative story. As for Conway’s brother, he hasn’t been charged and even if he were, a person cannot be responsible for their family members’ actions. The article stated Conway told his brother to seek legal advice. I don’t see that as being a problem. I would do the same if I had a brother in trouble.

    Now, if there was evidence he tried to stop or interfere with the investigation, then there would be cause for concern (remember Sarah & Todd Palin and the trooper incident). Nah, nothing to get excited about in my opinion from what has been reported.

  5. Here’s the deal: I’m all for conversation. But this is about hijinks and such on the campaign trail.

    The Conway issue is retarded. I think the Ethics issues is a far bigger deal. Unfortunately, the teabaggers can’t sit still long enough to figure out which fire has more fuel.

  6. Jake, I knew it was off topic, but Brian wanted an opinion.

    Everyone make sure you answer the door, even to the Jehovah Witnesses. You never know. You may be able to convince them to vote.

  7. Folks: ASK before posting an external link.

    I’m not kidding. I don’t care if you’re progressive or what. But ask. Unless I approve it or someone who works for me approves it, don’t do it.

  8. “Unfortunately, the teabaggers can’t sit still long enough to figure out which fire has more fuel.”

    It seems the Mongiardo people weren’t able to use the issue to beat Jack. If his team wasn’t able to do it, would it be possible for the rightists to pull it off, even if they tried?

  9. Mongiardo couldn’t use it against him because all the facts weren’t out there.

    Anyone paying attention would realize – having read about it here – that a Herald-Leader reporter sat on information that I only brought up a couple weeks ago.

  10. 15? That’s quite a number. You know, for a guy who was unelectable both in the primary and the general, it sure looks like America’s Eye Doctor is going rack up two Randslides in a row.

  11. Audio recording of robocall being used against Rand Paul right now:


  12. I hate — absolutely HATE — door-to-door campaigning. It’s bad enough that the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, trick-or-treaters and band fruit sellers show up. Last thing I want to do is deal with people trying to tell me to vote for them. I can make my mind up based on my own knowledge, campaign ads, personal acquaintance if it’s a local election and ideology. I don’t need someone interrupting my nap, my ballgame, my meal or anything else I’m doing.

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