Kathy Groob Is Making Shit Up Again

Oh, look, just got an email from Kathy Groob:

Name: Kathy Groob
Email: kathy@novemberstrategies.com
Subject: False Information

Message: We request that you cease and desist from trashing me or our firm, November Strategies. Jim Daley is no longer a client, we did not produce his mail campaign, he has hired someone.

Disgusting And Hypocritical Mainstream Failure
By jake
Disturbed has issued a cease and desist letter aimed at Kathy Groob and her candidate’s insane mail piece. [Enquirer & MTV]. Bill Clinton
is coming to Louisville on Monday. This helps John Yarmuth more than it does Jack Conway, …
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Unfortunately for Kathy, a woman I believe to be quite the heinous and hypocritical witch, I merely linked to mainstream stories that identified her “firm” at the time.

She and her staffers have repeatedly attempted to attack me and my character, they’ve flooded our websites with nasty comments and they’ve even tried to do similar things with our friends and colleagues.

She’s even gone so far as to attack her neighbors and create attack websites – like the one against Richard Hines – because they dare stand up to her.

Enough is enough.

What a joke. If she contacts us again or says another word, you’ll find us in court with Miss Kathy. I’m tired of watching innocent people get trashed and flushed because they dare share their opinion.

What is it with Democrats who work so hard to demonize and beat down their own? You don’t see Republicans or even teabaggers doing this sort of thing. Guess it’s all about money. All about making sure you get to shake candidates down for the next 10-15 grand, as Kathy does.

UPDATE: Shortly after this story went live, we started experiencing directory traversal attacks that originate in Northern Kentucky.

11 thoughts on “Kathy Groob Is Making Shit Up Again

  1. This is NOT about messing with me.

    It’s about attacking people – deeply and personally – because they dare stand against your candidate or support another.

    I’ve watched way too many innocent people suffer because they don’t have the resources or ability to stand up.

  2. She is, indeed, the most bitter, hateful and thin-skinned politician that I’ve ever encountered.

    Jake, did I tell you that she had a drain pipe secretly spewing water into my backyard? Claims she didn’t know about it. I have the email to her that gave fair notice, weeks in advance before I called Covington Code enforcement who promptly cited her. Then she tried to blame it on the former owner of her property!

    Jake, did I tell you she held a “demonstration” in front of my house the day after getting the notice? I had to call the police!

    Jake, did I tell that her emails prove that she didn’t know the name of her own neighborhood?

    Jake, did I tell just a short time after the neighborhood organized a feed the hungry program, she got her face on the front page of a local newspaper for “her efforts” to feed the hungry?

    Jake, did I tell you that her former, longtime neighborhood didn’t vote for her 2008?

    Jake, did I tell you that ….

  3. Jake, got to tell you some things about the website she put up against me, the neighbor.

    5 webhosting companies took it offline because it contained malicious content. She’s now using a sixth webhosting company. That’s how nuts this is.

    She has posted personal information, my social security, civil records, my address in Florida (my other home), went looking for any court records. You get the idea.

    She tried to have me investigated by the city of Covington, other govt agencies, and, of course, that failed as all things she does fail.

    The city told me she was trying to use political pressure to “get me” by contacting elected officials and trying cash in on IOUs.

    I have concluded that there’ s something mentally/emotionally wrong with her. No one, no one would do such a thing against a neighbor except for her.

  4. I don’t care if anything is wrong with her. And it’s inappropriate for you or anyone else to speculate on that front.

    You should apologize on that front. Don’t stoop to her level.

    But it’s wrong to tear people down like she’s done. Absolutely wrong.

  5. Jake, what else could explain it?

    She can’t get elected to anything. She has failed at being a political operative. Yet, her behavior is just bizarre.

    Don’t tell me every politico behaves this way!

  6. I liked Kathy Groob when she used to chase cars down the street on foot to yell at drivers for going too fast. At least, there was some humor in that.

    BTW, like all bullies, she backed off doing that after the one of the drivers fought back.

  7. I want to wrap this up. Just to make sure you understand that she hasn’t gone just after me in the neighborhood.

    Kathy Groob has sent emails calling other neighbors “freaks, weirdo people, jerks, negative … ”

    She likes picking fights with people, perhaps to get the attention that she apparently so craves.

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