11 thoughts on “Rand Paul’s Wife Appears In Latest Ad

  1. I like the ad! I think it will resonate with women voters that Jack Conway is trying to scare the hell out of!

  2. She is attractive and looks very normal. The kids all look good too. It’s a good final ad. It says… I am a safe normal person… I am not a witch or scary crazy person that stomps womens heads. I’d give it a solid B. And with a 5+ point lead you don’t need to swing for the seats.

  3. @Ritchie’s Mustache: LMBO! No, I am not jealous, and I am not fat. I agree she’s an attractive lady and the kids are just dolls, but she just doesn’t come across as ‘real’ to me – just my personal opinion. I also don’t see the point in getting her involved.

  4. I don’t go for the ‘this will resonate with female voters’ type junk. But I do think people are sick of negative ads in this race, and sad as it is that a positive ad will be what ‘cuts through the clutter’ this year, I do believe this will. And I think the DPK ad will backfire big time, and this as a foil will help it do so.

    I’d like him to run the ‘Rand’s Plan’ ad again, as well, though. Tell people again why he’s worth voting for, or part of it.

  5. It’s very much on the saccharine side but that’s what Ky. will fall for. The wife speaks because she is a Kentuckian, contrary to her husband, and she also serves as “testimony” to his perfection. Unbiased perfection! It’s a pretty picture.

  6. Sad to say it is a good, safe ad for Paul. Look at this lovely, normal woman who choose to raise a family with me. I’m not scary. I’m normal. I married June Cleaver.

  7. she’s very attractive.

    however, i think when she says the first few words, the pitch of her voice is way too high. does anyone feel the same way? i feel it can give a voter a bad impressions just a few seconds after the ad starts.

  8. Nice, safe, well-produced ad. Might should have reconsidered putting the would-be senator in shorty pants though.

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