Pre-Election Friday Evening Time Wasting Stuff

Words of advice: Don’t open your door this weekend if you’re a registered voter. Treat all visitors as potential Jehova’s Witnesses. This final weekend before election day will be a nightmare. [Deep Weekend Thoughts]

We’re just days away from the general election. Guess which U.S. Senate candidate’s October quarterly campaign finance report still isn’t public. [FEC]

Don’t you wish Kentucky had a diaper sex pervert like David Vitter? Not even just a little bit? [Wonkette]

These hilarious excerpts are making me excited for Dubya’s fancy new book. Cannot. Wait. [Wonkette]

The Herald-Leader mentioned chicken poop, Halliburton and taint all in the same tweet! [Twitter]

David & Reeeeeeeechie claim they’re up on Beshear-McCheese 46 to 45. Also say Rand Paul leads Jack Conway 52 to 40. [Mom Jeans & Co]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight on KET. 8:00 P.M. Eastern. No idea who the scheduled guests are, as KET hasn’t been consistent on the release lately. Tune in anyway! [Comment on Kentucky]

LEO, WFPL, et al on the story A Kentucky Newspaper strangely doesn’t want you to read until after the general election. [FatLip, WFPL, The ‘Ville Voice]

The AFSCME lawsuit to stop state employee furloughs was withdrawn today. “We are moving forward with a renewed commitment to address furloughs and other issues important to state employees through the GEAC,” said David Warrick executive director of AFSCME Council 62. “Together we have the opportunity to promote fairness in the workplace and excellence in public service.” [Press Release]

This Anti-Semitic bomb scare came just in time for election day, too, right? [MSNBC]

2 thoughts on “Pre-Election Friday Evening Time Wasting Stuff

  1. The fact that they mention the party name in the actual poll is suprising. Typically, in Kentucky when republicans want to poll better they leave the party affiliation off. This is not a push poll and the paul spread leads me to believe that this is a somewhat credible poll considering the paul race is solidly a 9-12% point lead.

  2. Perhaps a few of us will open our doors on Sunday evening. After all, when it comes to candy, some kids go crazy.

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