It’s Student Mock Election Results Time!

More than 37,000 Kentucky students participated in the mock election this year.

Here are the results:

U.S. Senator

  • Rand Paul 52.2% at 19,468 votes
  • Jack Conway 47.8% at 17,810 votes

“It is essential that students become acclimated to the democratic process, and there is no better way than for them to participate in the process themselves,” said Secretary of State Trey Grayson. “We hope that this will begin a lifelong commitment to voting among these young people.”

Throughout the last seven years of the project, students have voted for the winning candidate 83% of the time.

Click here for the final results and here to review results from each school.

9 thoughts on “It’s Student Mock Election Results Time!

  1. I can’t resist reviewing poll results and trying to figure out what they might mean – in this case what they might mean for the future. Looking through these results a few things are as expected – Jack carries Jefferson; Paul carries the north. A few things aren’t as expected – the old 7th Congressional District has just about completed its conversion from D to R – that’s unfortunate and rather inexplicable. But, as a liberal and an optimist, I’m constantly in pursuit of silver linings and I’ve found some in these results. The young voters of the 1st Congressional District, while slightly favoring Paul, do not do so at the level their parents and grandparents tend to favor Republicans at the federal level. And in a few instances, Jack carried schools in the 1st. That gives me some hope for the next few generations.

  2. Give up the hope. Trinity High School voted for Rand Paul, as did most other Catholic schools in the sample. St. X and others not there, but I am willing to bet they would go for Rand Paul too. this says some interesting things about the Mayor’s race here in Jefferson County.

  3. I forgot to add that the JCPS schools all went for Jack Conway. Very interesting split between Catholic and public schools. I wish that all the private schools in Jeffco had participated.

  4. kids don’t have the knowledge necessary to make such decisions. it’s like practicing calculus before learning addition and subtraction. what an incredible waste of money.

  5. Really? Folks who are 16/17/18 can’t make decisions regarding politics?

    There was no money wasted, as I have detailed several times.

    Spin isn’t welcome here. Seriously. Don’t like it? Don’t read it.

  6. “Really? Folks who are 16/17/18 can’t make decisions regarding politics?”

    Never mind then. I thought people younger that 13 were participating.

  7. I’m sure some were. But the majority of schools visited were for older kids.

    That said – this is just a novelty supported by a grant. And its sole purpose is to educate kids about the importance of voting and the process of voting.

  8. I wish more schools had participated. It is very important to gove the kids a chance to model good civic behavior. Plus it offers some very interesting insights into what their parents are saying.

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