6 thoughts on “Great Commercial From Rex Smith

  1. I like the facts pointed out by Rex Smith. Leeper can’t make his mind up which party he wants to be registered with, he’s a quitter, and who knows which party he will align with this session…

  2. not a commentary on the ad necessarily but the content and Thunder Storm’s comments? Yes, Leeper ran first as a Democrat (and voters in that district elected him). Yes, Leeper switched and ran again as a Republican (and voters in that district elected him again). Yes, Leeper switched again to Independent (and voters in that district elected him yet again). Seems that voters so far haven’t been overly concerned with his party. He has apparently done the right things in the viewpoint of the majority of his constituents instead of worrying about pleasing his party. That’s something we could use more of in the General Assembly.

  3. Yea Leeper beat a convict by 58 votes last election. I guess that was a morale victory
    in 2006
    Leeper – 15,497
    Hubbard – 15,439

    In 2002
    Leeper – 16,950
    Sanderson – 16,589

    Both victories none the less but certainly open to defeat this time. I think its going to happen this election

  4. I don’t have any position at all on this race, but even though I like the ad, it doesn’t mention any issues. For me personally, it only serves as name recognition…but name recognition is important.

  5. Jake,

    Does that Andy Barr ad makes you money only if it’s clicked? I just did it about 17 times and can do it again :)

  6. Nope. Andy’s ads are actually blocked from appearing on our network of sites – as are all candidates in-state. At least for Google ads. What you’re seeing is based on your browser history. They thought they’d be slick by averting our actual ad rates and instead blanked across several sites.

    (And Google ad revenue goes to charity – just placeholders, as some other paid ads only appear in certain geographic areas of the state. So it doesn’t see my pocket, sadly.)

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