17 thoughts on “HAHA! Conway & Haley Queen Out On CNN

  1. I don’t mean gay queening out.

    But that is definitely political queening out for an elected constitutional officer – someone essentially sworn to be calm and collected in order to maintain law.

  2. Whoever decided to make that Aqua-Buddha ad part of the official Conway campaign walked into what consultants call an Oh Shit moment, and not in a good way. And I thought Conway’s attack on Mongiardo’s housing allowance was crap but he got away with it because Mongiardo didn’t have the money to counter.

  3. Jack’s done … and any future hopes of higher office for him in the future along with it. ALL HAIL THE AQUA BUDDA!

  4. Update: After a Gazillion questions next week by reporters that Jack tipped off his brother that he was under a drug investigation = WAY done. Goodbye Jack, We’ll miss U!

  5. Rod: keep wishing. I still don’t think Kentuckians will vote for a man who allegedly tied up a woman for whatever reason, no matter how long ago.

  6. I’m sorry Factface, Jack Conway is about as “hot blooded” as reptile in northern Canada.

    If he had a ounce of genuine passion about his campaign, he would be up 15pts over a horrible candidate in Paul. The only passion he’s shown has been so artificial, it comes off as laughable (see Fancy Farm).

    I’m sure Jack’s a great guy, but his campaign reminds me of Fred Thompson’s Presidential run….a complete lack of passion. Maybe after the race Jack can help Thompson pitch reverse mortgages to old geezers in their motorized scooters?

  7. In college I ended up in handcuffs as part of a prank and lost the keys. We had to go to Perkin’s where the cops congregated to see if their handcuff keys would open it. After I got ’em off, we had a good laugh about it and it was no big damn deal.

    Conway is an ass to make an issue about this – and to frame it as actually worshiping a Buddha as a “false idol” – what a despicable, desperate move.

  8. If it was no big deal, why didn’t Rand Paul come out in the very beginning and say “I didn’t do it” or “it was just a prank”?

    He let this drag on.

  9. … Didn’t say it wasn’t a “big deal” … Paul might have realized (like most of the rest of KY) that the ad was so over the top that it might just be better to drag it out and make a few political points over it. Which is exactly what has happened. Backfire. It was seen as a desperate attempt by another politician who will simply do or say anything to try and get elected. Liberals in KY already knew this with his turncoat stances on Cap and Trade and The Bush Tax cuts. The ONLY loyalty Jack has is to Jack … not morals, principals, or issues. The ad just underscored that fact with an exclamation point on the end.

  10. PPP via Twitter: “By a 41-24 margin, Democrats in KY think Aqua Buddah inapropriate. You can imagine what everyone else thinks.”

  11. Aqua Budda means nothing. What means something is that Kentucky HAS NEVER, NOR WILL IT THIS TIME, elect two U.S. Senators from Louisville AT THE SAME TIME. Whoever talked Conway into thinking he could surmount this history is as far removed from reality as was the same person who thought that Jerry Abramson (with all his Louisville ties, CJ backing to the point of heroworship and liberal leaning). Taint goin’ ta happen in Kaintuckie, boys and girls. Get over it.

  12. I partially disagree Highlander. The State v. Louisville issue is why Rand Paul has the support he does, but the that could have been overcome by the independent vote that Conway lost with his flip-flopping effortless campaign.

    If Jack had run an remotely decent campaign and the numbers stayed where they were, I would agree with you. But you can’t completely make that conclusion given the weak showing Conway has made.

    His strength on paper never materialized itself in his campaign. Conway never showed the independence of thought or leadership to extract himself from the poor political advise he seemed to be receiving. When you resign yourself to be a puppet, you’d better have good puppeteers.

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