16 thoughts on “Big Sale On Jack Conway Flashbacks

  1. LMAO! 2-4-6-8…Big Government sure is great! Go Dems! Jack… Its bad enough that you are a elitist scumbag. But a cheerleader….Maybe at your next press conference you can bring your pom pom’s. It might be just the desperation move that puts you back in the race.

  2. So, does this mean that several years after the time that Rand stopped “choosing” Aqua Buddha, Jack was still choosing evil? [Note that Jack says “whenever I choose,” not “if I ever chose,” which implies that he chose evil at least once.]

    Any idea what evils (besides cheerleading) Jack was choosing? Of course, if Jack can bring up something thirty years ago, then Rand surely is free to bring up something 22.

  3. Well the cheerleading background confirms it — Jack Conway is destined to be President one day. He will be following a long line of former cheerleaders in George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan, Dwight D. Eisenhower and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

  4. “The Devil Made Me Do It”

    OK, so it’s a pathetic race between Aqua Buddha (Rand) and the Devil (Jack). What–another choice hinging on which evil is least evil? I’ll go with the devil I know, i.e., Jack.

  5. Hahaa. OK who isn’t a bit embarrassed about their HS yearbook photo?

    I am more concerned about Jack’s hypocrisy relevant to randpaul’s NoZe Brotherhood. Jack’s frat was Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Duke, a.k.a. SAE- Sexual Assault Expected.

    Duke banned them from campus because of rapes, sex assaults on men and women, and violent hazing incidents. The nat’l SAE banned them too. Perhaps some writer could track down one of the women who brought rape charges against the frat (some of them went public) and ask her what she was forced to do. I’m sure it won’t be a prank hazing incident that she willingly went along with.

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