What’s That About WEG Being Perfect & Cheap?

Seems the Australians aren’t too keen on the World Equestrian Games here in Kentucky:

Despite their love affair with Frankfort and Kentuckians, the Australians are less than enthusiastic about the overall organization of the first games to be held outside of Europe.

Many of the Australians here attended the two previous games in France and Germany, and contend that the former host cities made the trip far less expensive and were better organized than the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.

“The organization there is chaotic,” said Christopher Hector, publisher and editor of The Horse Magazine, Australia’s premier equestrian magazine.

“The Hague (which hosted the games in 1994) was terrible in terms of bad organization, but I’m not sure if this is worse.”


The Australians also echoed what has been the biggest complaint from around the world – price gouging.

“It’s just like a rip off,” said Hector, whose group bought tickets before prices came down.

“The tickets are twice as much as last time. The hotels are four times as high. Previous cities kept their hotels from hiking up prices. Even in Germany, prices weren’t like this.”


“I think it’s really sad because the people here have been so welcoming and so nice and so gone out of their way to be friendly and helpful,” he said.

“If only the organizing committee hadn’t been so out of it and gouging. They would have gotten people from all over the world – they would have gotten people from all over the world who would have had a wonderful time and wanted to come back here, and that’s really sad.”

Click here to read the rest from the State-Journal.


Spin from Jonathan Miller about charging $25 for what is free everywhere else in 3, 2…

7 thoughts on “What’s That About WEG Being Perfect & Cheap?

  1. Let’s be honest. Kentucky is doing the world a favor. We are reminding them how incompetent Americans are at organizing anything, from the Olympics to war. Someday the world will learn its lesson.

  2. Not Jonathan Miller, have nothing to do with WEG. I just live in Lexington.

    Ahhhh….the ‘savvy’ filter strikes again! You’ve been searching for the next negative WEG article and you finally found it….you must have been quite excited.

    My problem isn’t that you posted negative press about WEG, but the fact as others have noted your ‘shit-sandwich’ attitude towards it all. This is probably one of the greatest things to happen to Lexington, yet your out there posting articles like your trying to break the next watergate on WEG.

    You can moan all day about it not sugar-coating it but the fact of the matter your buddy over at the H-L (Eblen) has been pumping out positive press all-week and nil of it has shown up here. Somehow the positive pieces from the English paper and maybe every other KY news outlet have fallen through the ‘savvy’ filter as well.

    Why? Cause that’s not part of the hipster ‘saavy’ takes here which are made up of ‘shiz’ and ‘pee alerts’.

    Eblen strikes again. Ouch.


  3. Gotta love the Aussies they’re almost as much fun as the Kiwi’s when they get a snootful.

    I wonder if they are planning a graffiti attack on
    the WEG like they did with the blue kangaroos at the ’82 World’s Fair in Knoxville.

    I enjoyed the Games and wish I had the time to go again.

  4. Oh please, Ryehill. Try actually reading the article before you link it for other people – the article you posted notes loads of complaints! The attendees quoted talk about seeing sour faces. The reporter says he heard “significant complaints” about the high prices of food and the expensive rates for mediocre hotel rooms. WEG officials couldn’t even take good care of the media, which is the height of poor event management. If there’s ANYONE you take care of at an event, it’s the media, duh.
    Stupid strikes again.

  5. Mid. Read what I wrote. My argument isn’t about complaints about WEG. I get that. There are some legitimate complaints raised.

    My issue comes with Jake’s continuous stream of negativity towards WEG, like they picked on him as a kid..

  6. I went two days and was saddened by how empty the stadiums were. It is just too expensive. Yesterday I tried to by tickets for stadium jumping and was told only $106 dollar tickets remained. After begging for about five minutes, the ticket agent suddenly found a couple $50 tickets. They were great seats and here’s the ticker: that section was completely empty. All the people who could have enjoyed this spectacular event if only the price point had been reasonable.

  7. The complaints are so right on. My family paid $400 for 4 tickets to reining. The event lasted about an hour and we saw 13 horses. Total ripoff! The stadium seats were empty. Then we left the arena to find lunch. We could not even find greasy food to eat! None of the volunteers could even point us in the direction of food. There were also no signs! Not even the people in the Alltech tent could tell us beyond that they had seen someone with Papa John’s pizza up over the hill. Yuck! After wandering around the 1300 acre park we finally found some apples and paid $3 for 2. We had planned to stay and go through vendor tents but were STARVING and decided to go back to the car that we had paid $20 to park and go somewhere for lunch. It wasn’t like we had money in our pockets anymore to buy anything there anyway….

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