Ryan Quarles Arrested, Hands It To Hoffman

Republican Ryan Quarles, who is running for running for State Representative against Charlie Hoffman in the 62nd District, was arrested around 3:00 A.M. on Saturday for reckless driving.

That’s his mugshot to the left.

Allegedly, Quarles had been celebrating his passage of the state bar exam Friday night.

Guess this means Hoffman’s gonna win, despite protestations from Jeff Hoover.

Ruh ro!

37 thoughts on “Ryan Quarles Arrested, Hands It To Hoffman

  1. Don’t laugh at another person’s misfortune. You’re a sad, childish individual if you think that is appropriate.

  2. Uh, he’s a candidate for elected office.

    That’s what happens when you fuck up and are a candidate. Especially one preaching family valyuhs.

  3. This guy is a total clown. While he tries to peddle the fact that he works and lives on his family farm, he actually lives in a complete fantasy world on his friend’s estate in Lexington. He has no concept of what’s really plaguing this state. I’m happy this pompous kid is getting a hard dose of reality.

  4. Hey Silver Spoon, don’t open your mouth if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Quarles does work and live on his family farm, which is in Georgetown, and while he does spend some nights at his friend’s estate in Lexington for convenience’s sake (like you wouldn’t) I happen to know he puts in the time at their family farm. Calling him a silver spoon kid is pretty baseless ammunition, and those who know Ryan understand that.

  5. A reckless driving charge is gonna hand his opponent the election? A traffic ticket? Surely you jest.

  6. I didn’t know reckless driving was an arrestable offense in Kentucky like it is in some other states. You have to make a DUI arrest before you administer a Breathalyzer.

    Despite the circumstances, this won’t matter. Quarles had no shot before this.

  7. HAHA! You teabaggers are still defending him. Hahaha.

    Did the self-tanner fry all of your brain cells, too? Do you, too, only know what David Adams tells you?


  8. A few things your “informative” blog post left out-He was driving slowly through a parking lot that had been blocked off because of the WEG and HE approached the officer to ask the best way to get out of the parking lot and the officer overreacted.
    To those on here attacking his character, I guarantee I’ve known Ryan longer than anyone on here-Disagree with his politics all you want, that’s fair, but the man did grow up on his family’s farm, and he is the hardest worker I’ve ever met. You go average 26 credit hours a semester for a few years while still bailing hay every summer and see how well you do.

  9. Actually, Chad, I linked to a Herald-Leader story that contained those details. You don’t get a gold star for paying attention.

    Since you claim to know Quarles quite well, I’d say that qualifies everything you’re saying in your comment as biased spin.

    I’m not sure how he’s had time to work on that farm, being Mr. Everyman, while attending Harvard. But I’ll let that one slide. (P.S. Most college kids in Kentucky work their asses off during the school year and in the summer. He’s not unique.)

    The reality here is that Ryan was arrested and is a candidate for public office. The scrutiny is on. You folks – especially Quarles – need to put up or shut up.

  10. I have known Ryan for a few years from college. EVERYTHING that Chad said about him is true, I was there and I witnessed him quite a few times pass up going out and having fun, to go work at the farm or to study.
    When someone says Kentucky students work their asses off, that’s true, but studying the way Ryan did goes far beyond the average student. His dedication to his profession is unparalleled.
    BTY he at this point has only been charged, not convicted, so he is still innocent.

  11. He’s also still a candidate running for public office.

    Meaning he’s not immune to folks discussing his judgment, morals and ability to conduct the most basic things as a responsible adult.

  12. This doesn’t surprise me. I’ve seen this guy hit the beer pong table a few too many times, even after announcing his candidacy. Not the kind of guy I want representing anybody in Frankfort.

  13. Maybe he should have followed the gentleman from Floyd 95’s lead, who apparently said he was too drunk to tell police he had a designated driver when he was charged with DUI.

    A little Floyd County home cookin’ in the courtroom took care of that charge.

  14. “Gentleman from Floyd 95” … sometimes the polite lingo used by the political types is as far away from reality as Uranus is from the sun. There’s nothing gentlemanly about him.

  15. Jake-And you run a liberal blog, so you have biased spin. Spoilers: Everyone in the world has bias, at least I’m honest about mine.
    My point is that I know this guy, and I am 100% confident that I’ve never met a harder worker.
    Again, you’re allowed to disagree with him and you’re allowed to question his judgment in this matter, but those on this blog claiming he’s some spoiled frat boy who has had everything handed to him couldn’t be farther off base.
    Oh, and he’s not “unique”? So I suppose having a handful of bachelor’s and master’s degrees from UK and Harvard and a Law degree is the norm these days…yep, he sure isn’t an incredibly bright, hard working guy-I heard they just give out those incredibly competitive and respected Truman Fellowships.

  16. Yeah, all of my positions are 100% liberal. That’s the ticket.

    When I spin, I make it very clear what I’m doing. And usually, what you perceive as spin, is backed up with links or information.

    You may have never met a harder worker. But I most certainly have. And most Kentuckians have.

    He may be unique in that he’s able to afford multiple degrees – and one at Harvard – but hard working? That’s not unique. Not in Kentucky.

  17. Ryan is THE most intelligent honest gentleman that I’ve ever had the fortune of getting to know. I may not be from the county he would represent, but have no doubt we all would benefit from his young experience and dedication to putting himself out there for the good people of our Commonwealth. Casting your vote with an open and clear heart that thinks for yourself is most important regardless of the candidate you choose. I hope that each of you can come to respect and know Ryan as your Representative or otherwise. He’s a good man.

  18. Being a “good man” doesn’t mean you’ll be a good legislator.

    Especially when you make decisions that lead to the events that went down last Friday evening.

  19. jake its individuals like you that make our generation look like jagoffs. Anyone with eyes can see that Ryan is a class act, to say otherwise is a lie. I suppose you have never done anything wrong in your life? I’m sure you have never made any mistakes. People today seem to believe that politicians aren’t human. You sir are the silverspoon asshole. I hope when you lay down at night you feel big and strong for running down a good man on the internet where he can never reach you. What a fucking coward.

  20. Really? He couldn’t respond to emails or telephone calls from me? What about from the rest of the press? Totally not giving him a chance to respond. You’re right.

    How dare I question a candidate for public office – by using a police report and arrest record, no less. How cowardly of me to do so using my name, even.

    I’d love to know where I got a silver spoon in life. And why Quarles is a “class act.” His actions – and lack of comment – suggest otherwise.

  21. I won’t bother repeating the well-written counters to your ‘straw-grasping’ here, but Tara and ‘fuckyoujake’ have the right idea.
    Importantly, though, no one said you shouldn’t question politicians-far from it, in fact, I wonder if you also question Hoffman’s judgment and the fact that he’s been a completely ineffectual representative for several years-but you crossed a line when you ignorantly attacked his work ethic.
    Do you know why Ryan was able to afford that Harvard degree? Because he received one of the most well-respected and competitive Fellowships in the country while at UK.
    Do you know why he was able to afford the degrees he got at UK while racking up a remarkable resume at an exhausting pace? Because he received competitive scholarships for working himself to death through high school.
    I’m not sure why you think you know the character of a man like Ryan, maybe you’re just jealous of someone that can work in a tobacco/hay field with the best of them while being brilliant at UK and Harvard at the same time.

  22. Ignorantly attacked his work ethic?

    You people are brain dead if you think the average Kentuckian isn’t hard-working – if not 10x the worker that Quarles and his pals (you) claim he is. I’ve seen no evidence of that – only heard it from you.

    Maybe I know the character of a guy like Ryan because I live and work in Kentucky and deal with people running for office every hour of every day?

    You folks are on the war path trying to defend a candidate for elected office who was arrested. It’s not getting you anywhere.

  23. You don’t see any evidence so you don’t know for sure. Shut the fuck up you little bitch. No body cares about your horribly written liberal posts.

  24. Little bitch, eh?

    How’s this for bitchy? Your IP information:

    Author : Jason (IP: , c-68-53-162-44.hsd1.tn.comcast.net)
    E-mail : jasontel@hotmail.com

    If no one cares, why am I the most widely-read political trash talker in the state, frequently referenced by national media, always on local media?

    Blow me, Quarles & Crew.

  25. Wonder how many of Ryan’s law school ‘friends’ who are blindly defending him on here were also driving recklessly that night?!?

  26. It’s actually gotten to the point of hilarity that you think you can judge the work ethic of someone significantly more accomplished than yourself without knowing anything about their background (did you even know he received a Truman Fellowship or averaged about twice as many credit hours a semester as the average UK student before I mentioned it?).

  27. Also, threatening someone who posted using their real name with publicizing their email and IP address? What are you, 12?
    I’ll say it one more time-there’s plenty of things not perfect about Ryan and every other candidate/politician in this state, but until you meet someone and know about their history you have no business commenting on their work ethic.

  28. Actually, I can say with authority that he’s not more accomplished than me. Neither academically nor professionally. Not even financially or politically. But that has jack to do with this situation.

    The reality is that Quarles is a candidate for elected office. We get to judge him based on the information he provides and the information we can dig up. That’s what happens when you decide to run for office.

    Keep complaining. We’ve got tons of time to keep harping on this because court proceedings will last a long time. Remember, every time you comment or read this post, it increases the story’s Google rank. Meaning more and more people find out Quarles was arrested.

  29. Threatening someone who attacked me anonymously? For more than three years we have maintained a consistent policy of outing anybody who pulls shit like that.

  30. There is no doubt Ryan Quarles is brilliant and articulate, his record speaks for him. However, he is an arrogant snob and deserves a little embarrasment, as it might teach him a bit of humility. Hoffman is as dull and slow as winter molasses and not the least bit exciting. I will, however, vote for Hoffman because he is not afflicted by snobbery and I believe him to be honest. He is a working man and that impresses me most.

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