Really, Richie? You Thought It’d Be Okay?

Here’s what gas pump inspection stickers used to look like:

Here’s what they looked like last year:

Here’s what they look like now:

Guess Ag Commish and Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, Richie Farmer, thought no one would notice that he made his name absolutely gigantic of a big, blue Kentucky for an election year?

All right for egotistical abuse of office.

5 thoughts on “Really, Richie? You Thought It’d Be Okay?

  1. notice the first sticker? it has the months and years on it. But because his incompetent office cant hop in one of their many new trucks and drive around Ky and inspect the pumps in a regular fashion, they have removed such time stamps from the stickers.

  2. Maybe he thought they need replacing as often as he needs a new car. And he must make his name big because he thinks highly of himself.

  3. I guess Williams-Farmer won’t be able to run on the issue of eliminating government waste then. This blows that notion out of the water.

    Going from the sticker for use over several years, to one that has to be replaced every year, is even worse than Farmer’s ego play.

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