6 thoughts on “State Sen. Jimmy Higdon Tackles Shoplifter

  1. Stealing beef jerky signifies a serious risk-reward mental malfunction. Hell, if it had been a couple of rib-eyes down the pants Higdon would have hit the guy upside the head with a two-by-four and then pulled out his cell phone. Muy stupido.

  2. Store managers and such have the right to detain shoplifters…..and call the police. But when one who has stolen a piece of beef jerky is scared of the big aggressive guy in the red shirt and attempts to leave…….. do they have the right to jump on top of them, knock the coke cooler sideways, try to get them in a headlock, and try to hold on to them as they are still attempting to flee?

    I don’t know, why couldn’t he just call the cops if the guy ran off tell the cops which way he was going and what he looked like, let them figure it our on the security tape later if they didn’t catch him.

    What kind of situation did Higdon put his clerks and others in the store in, had the guy pulled out a gun and started shooting…. just because he had a piece of jerky in his pocket doesn’t mean that he didn’t have handgun as well…..ya never know!

  3. If you break into someone’s home to steal shit, you can be shot dead.

    So what’s wrong with Jimmy Higdon, the guy who owns the store, making sure people don’t steal his shit? If he lets people think it’s a-okay to walk in and take his stuff, that could lead to bigger problems and could lead to costing him tons more money.

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