Love Super-Rich Republicans? KDP Does, Too

David Williams and Richie Farmer will announce their candidacy at 11:00 A.M. today. [Page One]

Jack Conway and the folks at the Kentucky Democratic Republican-Lite Party need to educate their ignorant, ridiculous asses. The cost of extending the Bush tax cuts roughly equals the Social Security shortfall. And you people criticized me for questioning Daniel Logsdon’s mega-Republican contribution history. [WaPo]

Are you a fan of bracelets? Beads? Crafty things? How bout all of those things from Kentucky? Then you should maybe check this Etsy shop out ASAP. [Bluegrass Bead]

The Great American Dulcimer Convention will take place at Pine Mountain State Resort Part at Pineville September 24 & 25. [Press Release]

Alvin Greene is a really fancy dancer. I’m disappointed that he isn’t running for office in Kentucky. [WCNC]

This man already knows everything he needs to know about Muslims. [The Onion]

Steve Robertson says Jack Conway should return state pay while he’s traveling around the country for fundraisers. [Bluegrass Politics]

The Barren County Sheriff says Rand Paul is wrong to blame Jack Conway for the drug problem. [CN|2]

What? You thought you couldn’t afford to attend the World Equestrian Games? Don’t worry. You still can’t, not even after this Kroger deal. [H-L]

Susan Straub says “Mayar” Jim Newberry plans a ribbon cutting somewhere in Lexington today. I hope Jim Gray knows he’s running for “mayar.” [Press Release]

Everyone is so shocked that Mitch McConnell lies about health care reform. Just so shocked. [HuffPo]

Get ready for a pants load of anti-Jack Conway ads from Walmart-backed Republican groups this weekend. [The Hill]

4 thoughts on “Love Super-Rich Republicans? KDP Does, Too

  1. Talk about election year spin

    Now the Bush cuts are going to be the cause of social security insolvency. Give me a break Mr. Klein. So the message is vote Democrat old geezers, because the Republicans are going to take away your social security and give it to rich people. No spin in that economic comparison.

    Since there is no social security “lock box” because both political parties have been raiding the income to pay their other expenses, making any direct comparison is a joke, unless someone is proposing that social security is going to be separated from the general fund (which if it was, it would also solve the income problem).

    I would be all for eliminating the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, if Social Security were partitioned out from the general fund and those monies were used to bolster that fund.

    However, since that additional tax income will go into the general budget and be spent on servicing our debt, other entitlement programs, the military, and every other fruit fly mating study some congressman inserts into a bill, the comparison is silly and nothing more than spin for justifying the revocation of the tax cuts.

    You have to conduct a cost/benefit analysis of the cuts or extensions. There is no doubt that there will be some impact to employment and the economy since many of those impacted will be small business owners. So if that additional revenue would actually go to social security, I would say the benefit is worth the cost. If it goes into the general fund to pay for whatever the hell the Congress wants, I don’t think the cost to the economy and job creation at this point would be worth it.

  2. Spin is what YOU are anonymously partaking in. No one blamed the Bush tax cuts for the Social Security shortfall. Just pointed out that they’re the same.

  3. We’ll see if that argument is made by the talking heads after the article was published. Maybe not the cause of insolvency, but Mr. Klein’s argument is that the higher taxes on the rich could somehow save it, which is a moronic argument until it is partitioned from the general fund.

    It’s like saying an extra $250 deposited into your checking account will cover your utility bill when your account is already $133,000 overdrawn.

    The comparison to social security was made for a reason. The tax cut revenue over 75 years would also make up the state budget gap, pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or any other major cost we have.

    At least this guy is already making that argument:

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