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Want to see a great show at Actors Theatre this Halloween season? Enter to win two tickets to see The Mystery of Irma Vep: A Penny Dreadful. [Page One]

Woah – it appears the Kathy Groob drama in her neighborhood of Old Seminary Square continues to this day. [OSS]

Dear Joe Arnold: health care reform does not cut funds for Medicare. It cuts funds for Medicare Advantage, something that’s been pointed out tons of times. [WHAS11]

Earlier today the Public Service Commission approved the PPL purchase of E.ON U.S., transferring control of LG&E KU. [Press Release]

It seems Rand Paul is taking some heat from a man he attacked. [AP]

Joel Pett’s latest cartoon features Jim Newberry and delusional cohort Teresa Isaac. Hilarity ensues. [Click the Clicky]

And, while we’re at it, Jim Newberry’s feigned outrage over the Kentucky American Water rate hike? A total farce. Everyone in Lexington knows he’s responsible. [H-L]

The Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance and the Kentucky Division of Water are working with the EPA to help consumers save water for future generations. Unfortunately, the state isn’t interested in the biggest issue facing water in Kentucky: pollution. And it’s conveniently timed during the beginning of the KAW rate increase [Press Release & WaterSense]

Anderson Hotsex is getting a daytime talk show. A new generation of women lusting for gay men will be born in 2011. [HuffPo & Wonkette]

You know how A Kentucky Newspaper spends all day, every day leaving comments on our sites telling me I’m irrelevant? Hahaha, check this exchange out. [We Get Comments]

I bet you’re shocked that Mitch McConnell staffer, Don Stewart, turned into a smart ass when facing the White House today. [The Hill]

4th District Candidates Release Campaign Ads

Congressional candidates in Kentucky’s 4th District are hitting the airwaves this week. First up is Democrat John Waltz:

On being a veteran:

An attack ad on Rep. Geoff Davis:

And here’s the latest spot from Rep. Geoff Davis:

At this point, I don’t think anyone believes Waltz can defeat Davis. But I wanted to share the latest campaign commercials.

Something else… Waltz routinely says Geoff Davis wouldn’t help him as he struggled to get veterans benefits. Unfortunately, Waltz can’t back that claim up. Davis’ staffers are able to prove they did assist him. Members of the press can go check for themselves without violating privacy. And if Waltz signs a release, even more information can be provided. But he won’t, as he apparently wants to be as deceptive as the Republicans.

The reality is the VA is slow. I can appreciate that Waltz was getting impatient. But it’s a stretch to blame Davis for that. Even if he has communication from Sestak’s office saying the reaction time was way too slow. (I went looking for evidence to prove Davis didn’t help. It doesn’t exist. Waltz refuses to provide any.)

Meanwhile, the Waltz staff accuse me of working for Davis because I dare ask questions.

Julian’s TeeVee Confronter Gets Court Challenge

Remember Mike Lewis, the guy who embarrassed Julian Carroll on CNN? The State Journal wrote about it, too.

The Kentucky Democratic Party is challenging his petition signatures in court. He has 164 signatures, but 34 live outside his district, 30 aren’t registered to vote and several don’t have valid addresses.

Lewis is attempting to challenge Jim Wayne for the 35th District State House seat – something he has no shot at winning.

It’s interesting to see candidates take any risk whatsoever with petition signatures. People should triple check signatures before running for office. Otherwise, they’re always going to run into problems.

Kentucky Has A Registered Sex Offender Problem

The latest audit from Crit Luallen’s office underscores something that should be common sense: registered sex offender address comparisons can strengthen the monitoring process for child care and out-of-home placement providers.

But, as you know quite well, this is Kentucky. And nothing ever makes sense in Kentucky.

In the audit, which you may review below, Luallen’s concerns are addressed to Janie Miller, Secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, four findings are outlined and recommendations are made to strenthen the screening and monitoring process of homes and facilities approved by the state to provide child care services.

The audit determined: Address matches between Kentucky’s Sex Offender Registry and the address of state regulated child care homes and facilities, foster homes, adoptive homes prior to finalization and homes of relative caregivers; and the effectiveness of the CHFS screening process for applicants, as well as their review process of potential address matches found during the audit.

So, you ready for the highlights? Let’s dig in:

  • 12 registered sex offenders were confirmed to be living in state regulated homes that provide care and placement services for children! Sex offenders were found living in seven relative caregiver homes within the Kinship Care Program and DCBS didn’t bother contacting the homes or conduct site visits. Sex offenders were also confirmed to be living in two foster homes and in three registered child care homes.
  • The Department for Community Based Services review process was deficient in determining if a sex offender was residing at the address matched to the sex offender database. DCBS only went to one of the 30 homes with a matched address.
  • The physical address data field maintained by DCBS does not provide the physical locations for all homes and facilities. That means address records for 3,266 DCBS-regulated providers didn’t indicate a physical location.
  • Statutes and policies related to background checks of potential child care providers, foster homes and relative caregivers do not take advantage of the information maintained within the Sex Offender Registry. This means state law only requires criminal records and child abuse checks.

And here’s a bit of how Commissioner Patricia Wilson responded:

The matching process used by the APA shows that out of over 29,000 records reviewed from the May 27, 2009 snapshot and over 22,000 records reviewed from the February 24, 2010 snapsho, only 30 total address matches from the two dates were identified, representing less than one tenth of one percent of all records reviewed.

Because that makes it okay, right?

Criminal background checks and checks of the Child Abuse and Neglect Registry are already performed.

But there’s no search of the Sex Offender Registry, which seems like a common sense move. Fortunately, the Cabinet outlined steps it will take to improve things. And you can read all about that deep into the audit.

“Any time the state is charged with the placement and protection of our most vulnerable citizens, in this case children, every step possible should be taken to guarantee they are secure,” Luallen said. “Our audit offers numerous recommendations to strengthen the monitoring process. We are encouraged by the steps the department has already taken.”

You may review the audit by clicking here (Warning: PDF Link).

Meanwhile, we continue to shortchange social workers.

I just don’t even know what to say.


Welcome To Your Poverty-Filled Thursday Morning

Want to see a great show at Actors Theatre this Halloween season? Enter to win two tickets to see The Mystery of Irma Vep: A Penny Dreadful. [Page One]

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Neither Jack Conway nor Rand Paul care about Eastern Kentucky. And this just furthers that reality. Sure, they care about votes. But that’s where it ends, apparently. [WKRG]

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Welcome to the U.S. and A. where Republicans love sticking it to the people hurting the most in our society. [Mother Jones]