Tom Eblen Hits The Nail On The Head

Tom Eblen, a known America-hater and guy who rides a bicycle around Lexington sometimes, has hit the nail on the head with his latest.

Steal $100,000 in a University of Kentucky ticket scam, as former UK basketball star Ed Davender did, and you could get eight years in prison.

Steal five times that much from Blue Grass Airport, as former Blue Grass Airport director Mike Gobb and three of his assistants did, and you could get no jail time at all.

Those recent cases left me scratching my head, and I wasn’t alone. No wonder people question the fairness of our judicial system and speculate that punishment is influenced by wealth, race, class, the skill of your attorney and the whims of your judge.

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And then tell you that you haven’t been thinking that justice isn’t blind for quite a while.

2 thoughts on “Tom Eblen Hits The Nail On The Head

  1. No argument here about American Justice sometimes peeking through that blindfold, but Davender has had more than one wrong way trip up the legal highway.

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