16 thoughts on “This Just In…

  1. Gentlemen, start your engines on those horse vans getting ready to leave the state of Kentucky for Pennsylvania and New York.

  2. The worst part about this ticket is that this will guarantee that this state will continue down the bubba path of bass-akwards of county rule.

    I never thought papaw and Jerry would look progressive. When will we ever wake the hell up as a state and try to get beyond our county fiefdoms where the apex of of economic achievement is a 4-year local road construction project.

  3. Wishful thinking–Pawpaw & happy pants not winning the party’s nomination…
    Gatewood has some great ideas about solving Kentucky’s budget problems…

  4. In a perfect world, Ritchie would run as Governor with his mustache as his running mate.

    Every time I see David Williams on TV I feel the need to spray hand sanitizer over my entire body. He’s the type of guy that makes used car salesmen walk the other way.

    Honestly though, this is a great ticket to lead Kentucky into the 1970’s.

  5. ok with the blue and white and basketball log between their names…doesn’t that just seem to say yes, that’s why we want you to vote for us because richie played ball at uk? then they’ll feign indignation when you question his qualifications…is it because he has none? what a joke!!!

  6. Observer, what does the Lt. Gov. do? Other than being a Constitutional position I’ve not seen much of anything that the position actually is used for.

  7. So I was thinking that now I will have to vote for Beshear, but then a coworker pointed out that if Williams won, it would get him out of the Senate. Hmmmm.

  8. Suzanne,
    I am not sure, but if Williams runs does he not have to resign from the Senate first? Anyway I can’t believe the nerve of this poor excuse of a representive of KY. He should have been run out of town instead of running for another office!

  9. Other than his opposition to casino gambling, I’ve never understood why there is so much hatred for Williams other than the fact that he is a Republican. What specifically has he done to tick so many people off?

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