Miss The Melting KDP Last Night?

Really, did you miss the melting of the Kentucky Democratic Party last night?


Maybe you read what I had to say about someone sweating like a hog and getting chased by a thin, energetic bear named Holly?

Well, you’re in luck.

Click here (this will launch KET’s video player) to watch the archive of last evening’s Kentucky Tonight feature on the upcoming general election.

11 thoughts on “Miss The Melting KDP Last Night?

  1. OMG! watch the KET show from 14:14 to 15:27. Steve Robertson absolutely blasted Logsdon. and Logsdon stood there and took it without shooting back.

    Robertson blasted Logsdon for Conway being in San Franciso fund raising. He did good at framing Conway with the national liberal leaders and … Logsdon did or said nothing!

    Logsdon should have been better prepared

  2. Let me add another then… at the 28:05 mark Dan Logsdon says growing cucumbers or peppers is a crazy idea. Is it crazy cause Rand Paul said that is a replacement for tobacco or because he obviously hasnt eaten a vegtable in a long long time?

    Lets hope the farmers in this agriculture state don’t see the KDP’s new Republican chair say that.

    Tobacco is gone as a lead crop, our farmers need some kind of crop to make money or we will have even more people on welfare and other government handouts.

    We don’t need our (KDP’s Republican) chair saying its a crazy idea.

  3. Not that I’m a superficial horndog or anything (OK I kind of am) but what’s the deal with Republican women being so much hotter than Democratic women, at least those in the public sphere? I suggest that Democrats close that poontang deficit pronto..no charge, thank you and you’re welcome.

  4. On the social Security lockbox issue, I think KDP Republican chair Logsdon was right on it. And just think if Al Gore was elected President. Or was he?

    It would be a great world for sure. From Saturday Night Live http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/halloween-party/229116


    I ran across this :

    * In 1999, Republican Congressman Wally Herger sponsored a “lockbox” bill in the House of Representatives. This law would have restricted Congress from using money borrowed from the Social Security program to spend on other government programs. It passed the House by a vote of 416 to 12.[180]

    * Senate rules allow for a “filibuster,” in which certain votes can be blocked unless 60 of the Senate’s 100 members agree to let it take place.[181] [182] In the Senate, Republicans attempted to bring this bill up for a vote and it was blocked by a filibuster conducted by Democrats.[183]

  5. And then the most pressing issue for us Democrats should be the retaking of the State Senate so we can progress as a state.

    Who is the first one to finally bring up the State Senate? It sure wasn’t our KDP Republican Chair. At the 50:38 mark, RPK Chair Steve Robertson talks about the State Senate. He said they are primed to see how high they can take it. Robertson and his lady friend talks for about four minutes on the state senate races and Logsdon defends our chances for all of 45 seconds

    Must giv the Repubs credit for the quote of the night: There is going to be a Republican Earthquake in 201o and an aftershock in 2011

  6. Boom,

    The Dems filibustered the lockbox…

    And Jack Conway wants to end the filibuster?

    What gives?

  7. Man, since I was not watching last night, I assumed you were having a hissy fit.

    But after watching the video, the performance was pathetic. They were both clearly unprepared, and did not even have a basis to discuss Democratic positions, at either the state or national level.

    And in the original post, a lot of folks stood up for Matt Erwin. And while he didn’t manage to make himself look as foolish as Logsdon, it was HIS JOB to make sure Logsdon didn’t look like an uninformed sputterer of Republican frames. Erwin is the fricking Communications Director for crying out loud. This had fail all over it.

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