Kentucky Has Another Senate Candidate

And this guy is at least as blessed with political genius as Mica Fields Sims:

Thanks to Joe for the heads-up.

Here’s what he had to say in his YouTube fanciness:

I am announcing that I am running as a write-in candidate for Jim Bunning’s vacant Senate seat in the state of Kentucky. I have far more life experience as a well as a far broader knowledge base upon which to base any political decisions that I might make than do either Conway or Rand Paul.

I have degrees in English literature, history, religion, and psychology. Conway might be the Attorney General of the state of Kentucky; however, my father graduated at the top of his class from the University of Kentucky Law School in 1968 and was Commonwealth Attorney for the state of Kentucky from 1968 until 1980 when he became the foremost defense attorney in the state of Kentucky.

Rand Paul (whom might not even have one college degree)’s father might be a doctor and Senator in Texas, but my uncle was considered to be the finest general practioner and diagnostician in the state of Kentucky.


I know what it means to be poor and what it means to be better off. Like the great wrestling personality Dusty Rhodes once said, “I’ve wined and dined with kings and queens and lived in an alley on pork and beans.”

Would you rather give a job to two men that are already making $100,000.00 a year or would rather give a job to a native of Kentuky much like yourselfs that is willing to listen and to truely for for the betterment of the people of Kentucky?

Sounds like a good bet. Everybody should probably vote for him.

8 thoughts on “Kentucky Has Another Senate Candidate

  1. “or would rather give a job to a native of Kentuky much like yourselfs that is willing to listen and to truely for for the betterment of the people of Kentucky?…”

    Now, I certainly can’t talk about spelling, but I’m not running for office solely on my college degrees either…

  2. This guy hasn’t formally filed yet (see Does he know he has to fill out the form and pay $50? Is he even thirty years old? (The minimum age to be a US Senator)
    He doesn’t mention his name at all during his blurb, in which he mumbles and is drown out by the background music, and if you are running a write-in campaign, you need to mention your name, and if it is difficult to spell, how to spell it, multiple times. (And did he really say his name was ass-seven-seven-seven at one point, and BAPH777 at another, or did I mis-hear him?)
    I’ve not seen any videos by Mica Sims, but they’ve got to be better than what this guy came up with.
    OTOH, at least with this guy, there will be a choice for the “none of the above” voters besides that anti-semite guy, so I welcome his entry into the race.

  3. Well, Larry, as Joe Biden demonstrated, you don’t have to be 30 to be elected to the U.S. Senate. You only have to be 30 to be sworn it. Elected at the age of 29, Biden had to wait until he was 30 to be sworn in.

  4. You’re right, Jake, and maybe Part One was waaay better than Part Two. Maybe he even gave his name in Part One. In the spirit of kindness I’ll even offer this kid a free campaign song….Jimmy Buffet’s I Used To Have Money One Time.

  5. To BoogerBuns: You are correct. Just like you don’t need to be 18 to register to vote, just 18 by the voting day, you can run for US Senate at age 29. Biden was 29 when elected, but since he turned 30 on Nov. 20th, it was well before the swearing-in day, so he did not have to “wait” until he was 30 to be sworn in.
    Since Dana Seum Stephensen showed that the state does not really check to see if the candidates are eligible to run or not, even if the guy formally files, we won’t know whether or not he is eligible to serve. (But if he files, at least we will know his name. :-) )

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