KDP Turned Over A New Leaf And It Is Rotting

In case you missed it last night? The Kentucky Democratic Party’s Republican chairman, Daniel Logsdon, was, uh… he was on teevee. Nice to finally have a spokesperson who isn’t awful, though. You have GOT to check the archive out when you get a chance. [Page One]

A majority of Republicans believe Barack Obama sympathizes with Islamic fundamentalism and wants worldwide Islamic law. [HuffPo]

KET has invited candidates to appear on the teevee. Check the schedule out. Senate candidates will appear on October 25. [Press Release]

The following folks in the press will witness the execution of Gregory L. Wilson, with newspaper folks first: Andy Wolfson, Bill Estep, Jim Hannah. Jessica Noll from KyPost was selected as a newspaper alternate, despite that newspaper no longer existing? Bill Bartleman and Brett Barrouquere will also be there. Broadcast: Elizabeth Donatelli, Keith Farrell, Rick Howlett. Media witnesses are required to participate in a press briefing and respond to media questions right after the execution of Wilson. [Press Release]

Mainstreamers are still giggling over Jack Conway’s Fancy Farm embarrassment from last year. [MSNBC]

I love that the Paultards continue to harp this meme about Jack Conway being gay. Their homophobia is thick each and every time they suggest it. [Ron Paul Masturbatorium]

This story about Jack Conway asking a medical expert to review a nursing home injury is super-depressing. [H-L]

The NRSC is spending eleventy billion dollars in Lexington in the form of television ad buys. [Ryan Alessi]

Ron Paul, daddy of Liberty Christ, needs to know RIGHT NOW how much gold is in the possession of the U.S. and A. [Wonkette]

At 3:00 P.M. Today, Republican Party Chairman Steve Robertson will host a presser at RPK HQ in Frankfort to discuss the Democrats’ alleged “Don’t Stop Spending Tour.” No word on whether or not he wants to talk about Rand Paul refusing to stick to his own term limit demands. No word on whether Rand will ever stop taking all the socialized medicine dollars he gets from the gubmint. [Press Release]

Heather French Henry will be inducted (almost typed “indicted”) into Mason County High School’s alumni hall of fame. No word on whether there’ll be mention of defrauding her publisher, never doing anything for veterans (other than taking money and spending it on herself and her convict husband) or if her role in the Henry Campaign Scandal will be discussed. [Ledger-Independent]

6 thoughts on “KDP Turned Over A New Leaf And It Is Rotting

  1. Jake,

    If you will point out the part where in my blog I said Jack was gay or in that thread where anyone said Jack was gay I’d gladly remove it. Or was my use of the words “San” and “Fransisco” or questioning his commitment to gay rights implying he’s gay? Seriously, as someone who has promoted gay rights on my site and with the amount of gay rights activists on the Ron Paul board, I think you are confusing our forums with that of typical GOP and Dems in Kentucky.

    The whole gist of my assertion was, Why does Jack Conway continue to campaign against gay rights while taking gay rights activists money. I left out the part about his MassEquality fundraiser in Boston purposely to keep out the gay overtones. My blog is more about the $ he takes and his flip on their principles. Just like Rand Paul and bail out Senators.

    That was a bit long winded but, I’d like to know if my bringing up Prop 8 is what you find homophobic? I’m not in the business of using gay rights as a wedge issue. I support right to marry.

  2. Every five seconds there’s a new discussion on the Ron Paul Masturbatorium about Jack Conway going to San Francisco with two or three Paultards saying, “That’s where he belongs!” Occasionally there’s a cutesy photoshop, even.

    I’d think it was just the typical mouth-breather “he’s a librul” mantra, but, uh, it’s San Francisco. There are no heterosexual people there.

    Doesn’t help that you have said on four or five occasions – via email – that there’s lots of gossip about Jack being a gay, hinting that Paulbots could start using it.

  3. P.S. You JUST said, via email, that the Paul camp has discussed homo innuendo and decided not to use it.

    That proves my point.

    You Paultards can stop with the gay-baiting or deal with being called on it.

  4. “Call in the Civic Straight Jackets”

    Amurkins’ fear of Muslims and asinine painting of Obama as Muslim might show several pitiful things about a wingnut segment of our citizenry:
    (1) they are poorly “educated” about civic affairs;
    (2) they are devoutly prejudiced about most all “others”;
    (3) they are just plain stupid.

  5. I read a blog where Medicaid (or maybe it was Medicare) actually owed Rand Paul money, any truth to that?

  6. I don’t fear all Muslims, but I’m not fond of the ones who land planes into the side of buildings.

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