Can’t Find State Workers Supporting A Furlough

Will the state furlough plan get canned? No one I speak with seems to have a solid feel for how this will go. But come on – there’s no way they’re gonna get nixed, right? [Bluegrass Politics]

Doesn’t Nobama know? Muslin is not in the constitution! [Wonkette]

Jack Conway loves him some Elizabeth Warren. But he also loves him some Bush tax cuts. Way to be a Democrat, Jack! Way to stand on principle. [Talking Points Memo]

Sorry, Tom! Louisville and Lexington are never going to work together, ever, end of story. Too much power at stake in Louisville for anybody to get their heads out of their asses. [Tom Eblen]

Something tells me the Hopkins County Schools superintendent is out of touch with his community and is likely to be a very unpopular man. [WEHT]

Mitch McConnell says he wishes he’d been able to obstruct more. For real. [NY Times]

First Rand Paul said he was against a ground zero mosque. [Joe Arnold]

Then he essentially said he supported it. [MCL]

It’s just too bad. Since there is no mosque being built at ground zero. It’s a community center, complete with a basketball court, cooking school and even a prayer room – for the scary Muslims to steal our white women. [MSNBC]

Uh, is it impossible to have an adult conversation about coal and the environment without someone completely losing their shiz? [H-L]

Harrah’s, co-owner of Turfway, is buying up tracks around the country. Looks like they’re focused on slots at racetracks, no? [Cleveland Plain Dealer]

The University of Kentucky ranks 129th and the University of Louisville ranks 176. Happy with the new Best College ranking? For liberal arts colleges, Centre ranks 47th and Berea 67th. [U.S. News & World Report & Liberal Arts Rankings]

Life wouldn’t be the same without a zoning fight in Louisville. Especially one that benefits a Cordish/Abramson deal. [The ‘Ville Voice]

9 thoughts on “Can’t Find State Workers Supporting A Furlough

  1. Dallas and Fort Worth have similar problems. The late Erik Johnson (mayor of Big D and founder of Texas Instruments) was the only one ever able to get them to collaborate; the result was DFW airport. “Dallas is where the East ends; Fort Worth is where the West begins.” (local saying)

  2. It isn’t inconsistent to think BOTH a) if the issue is really reconciliation, that might not be the best place for the mosque AND b) when it comes down to it it is really none of his business.

    Obviously, the only government issue would be one of zoning, parking, whatever. And that isn’t a Senate function.

  3. Keep spinning, Paulbots.

    There is no mosque. Which you’d know, if you bothered to think and/or read before commenting.

    Naturally, it’s an out-of-stater from California commenting on a Kentucky-based website. Imagine that.

  4. I don’t give a rat’s hairy hiney about some NYC Mosque or cooking school or basketball court, but the President sure mucked up the debate with his 24 hour clarification where he inserted the issue of wisdom versus right.

  5. “KY Taxpayers Not Getting Money’s Worth”

    Though the US News & World Report college rankings should be taken with a huge grain of salt, the rankings for UK & UofL might signify one important thing: We’re not getting our money’s worth from these two giant schools.

  6. Jake, yeah, I’m an out of stater commenting about how IRRELEVANT a NY zoning decision is in a KY senate race.

    I couldn’t care less about the distinction between a mosque or community center because either way, it’s fine with me.

  7. “Many Thanks, independent”

    Being a college president is no easy job (especially if you take it seriously and do it well). But I would take less than half the salary of either guy at UK or UofL (and pay the philosophy departments more than the one salary of either the basketball or football coach).

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