Jack Pushes Rand’s Name More Than His Own

Jack Conway, not content just losing the U.S. Senate race, has decided to promote Rand Paul more than himself.

Conway re-launched his campaign website this week and, well, just take a look:


Yeah. Non-stop mentions of Rand Paul’s name. Because that’s clearly what you do when you’re down in the polls and down on name identification. Just cold promote your opponent’s name as much as possible, without immediate elaboration, on the front page of your campaign website.

7 thoughts on “Jack Pushes Rand’s Name More Than His Own

  1. Jack! It’s your website, not Rand’s.
    Ignore Rand and tell me what the hell YOU can do for our state.

  2. I think it’s more like the person who ran Trey Grayson’s campaign running Jack’s campaign — both have the “I’m not Rand” strategy, which worked so well for Trey.
    Perhaps Jack is hoping that when people google or bing Rand Paul, they’ll see his site instead, much like the http://www.jackconway2010.com people are trying to do when people search for Jack Conway.
    Jack needs to give people a reason to vote for him, not just reasons to vote against Rand. Remember there is that wacko write-in candidate whose name will be posted at the polling place — 99.9% of the people in Kentucky will not know how bad that person really is, just that he is neither Jack nor Rand. Jack needs to give people a reason to not write in his name. If Jack doesn’t tell us why he deserves to receive our vote, perhaps people will vote for that other person.
    Think about it, if Jack is afraid to tell people what his views are now, what makes you think that he will inform you on things you need to know once he is elected?

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