Nation Of Teabaggers Welcomes King Ray Stevens

The Club For Growth endorsed Rand Paul today. Total shocker, I know. [Club For Growth]

Monday on Kentucky Tonight, Crit Luallen and Trey Grayson will appear alongside each other. Since Luallen isn’t scheduled to speak at Fancy Farm, I expect her to discuss Rand Paul. Since this is (I think?) the first time Grayson will appear on statewide television post-primary, how will he pretend to defend Paul? What can he possibly pull out of his hat? Should be interesting. The show, at 8:00 P.M., will probably set the tone for the week’s political discussion leading up to the dead animal carcass celebration in Western Kentucky. [Press Release]

Last night, David Adams made excuses for Mike Harmon skipping the special legislative session while pocketing the pay. He said in a comment here on Page One (click here for that) that Harmon cast votes upon his return. Unfortunately, that’s not remotely true. He didn’t cast a vote on the expansion of gambling. [LRC]

Jack Conway will appear at the NAACP’s Freedom Gala (Owensboro) on August 3. He’ll have the chance to take a real stand. Will he do so? [We All Want To Know]

Louisville’s Republicrat Party is at odds with the teabaggers and Rand Paul over marijuana. They’re hitting Greg Fischer in a fancy new video. [The ‘Ville Voice]

C-SPAN, in conjunction with KET, will air footage from Fancy Farm on its main channel on August 7. [Paducah Sun – Subscription Only]

What? Hypocrisy with the Kentucky Right to Life? Never! [MCL]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. Scheduled guests: Jack Brammer, Debby Yetter and Matt McCutcheon. [Press Release]

RAY STEVENS ALERT! RAY STEVENS ALERT! He is the new teabagger king, amen. [Wonkette]

Fairdale Bigfoot has a few good tips for dealing with the intense summer heat. [Consuming Louisville]

Today the Public Service Commission granted LG&E and KU’s revenue adjustments. The Commission responded to customer complaints by ordering a review of their billing practices. [Press Release]

Rand Paul, again, says Hitler is coming to AmeriKKKA. Completely senatorial thing to say. Amen. [B&P]

Did Rand & David Have A Helicopter? Jet Pack?


Yesterday, Joe interviewed David Adams at the Phil Moffett – Mike Harmon circle you-know-what in Lexington.

You notice how Adams hesitated with an awkward pause when asked if he was in the room with Rand Paul during the now-infamous Rachel Maddow segment? That got everybody thinking, wondering, just cold speculatin’.

Looky what’s been dug up:

So, which was it? A track banquet or in the room with Liberty Christ during the meltdown?

I’m not sure how you could attend a banquet in the Lexington area and then make it to Bowling Green in time for something like that. Unless you have a helicopter or a time machine.

UPDATE: Just confirmed with a Maddow staffer that only two people could hear what Rachel was saying to Rand on the evening of that interview: Rand and the camera person.

Sources with the Paul Campaign tell me the only people on-hand that day were Rand Paul, Jesse Benton and the film crew. No David Adams anywhere during that interview.

It’s 5:30 P.M. right now. Emailed David Adams requesting a response and will update if/when we receive it.

UPDATE @ 5:40: Adams just confirmed via email: “Yeah, they are right. My mistake. I was there for many interviews on May 19 but missed that one. Still wouldn’t have done anything differently.”

Good on him for this.

Second Annual Golden Poo Awards: Day 5

Welcome to day 5 of the Second Annual Golden Poo Awards in honor of our third anniversary. Ten lucky winners will receive a fancy pile of golden poo. And you, our terrific readers, are going to help give the awards.

See how great the poo is? Everybody wants it, just because, amen.

Which elected/public officials, candidates, reporters, public figures and so forth are absolutely full of it? Your input is needed!

Each day for the next however (it’s tough to count) many days, we’ll announce a new award category and you’ll submit an unlimited number of nominees.

Previous Categories:

  • Day 1: Person Responsible For Legislation (or Legislation-Related Mess) Requiring the Most Lubricant
  • Day 2: Reporter Most Likely To Make You Kick Your Television, Burn Your Newspaper, Smash Your Radio Or Toss Your Computer
  • Day 3: Most Pee-Worthy Abuse Of Twitter By A Political Figure Acting Like A 12-Year-Old Girl
  • Day 4: Politician Most Likely To Be Investigated Or Indicted In The Next 12 Months

Be sure to nominate someone for those categories.

After all nominations are received for all announced categories, we’ll announce the winners and send the golden piles of magic along to eagerly awaiting recipients. Please remember to make your nomination as scandalous and inappropriate as possible.

Today’s category is:

Worst Example Of Total Incompetence From A Local Or State Official In An Appointed Post

Submit your nomination – along with your reasoning (this is required) – in the comments. Keep it hilarious.

Opinion Issued In Kentucky American Water Mess

Those of you following the corruption of Lexington mayor Jim Newberry and his race against Jim Gray may want to pay close attention.

On Monday, Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd issued an opinion and order in the Kentucky American Water supply case.

It is, needless to say, very interesting. Here’s an excerpt:

Unfortunately, the PSC has been forced to address these questions without any clear guidance, or plan of action, from the KRA, the Secretary of Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet, and the Division of Water, the state agencies vested with statutory authority for planning for the use of Kentucky’s water resources.


The KRA, in particular, was created in 1986 with a bold and sweeping statutory mandate to address all aspects of water quality and management in the Kentucky River Basin, including the water supply deficit.


The legislature provided KRA with the statutory tools to raise funds, issue bonds and implement long term solutions to this problem. Id. Unfortunately, the KRA has essentially abdicated this responsibility, and thus the PSC, and KAWC, a non-public, regulated utility company, have been left to deal with the problem using the inadequate tools at their disposal.

As a result, the PSC has been presented with a plan that does much to address the immediate problem from the limited perspective of the private investors in KAWC. The plan approved by the PSC, however, necessarily lacks the comprehensive approach to conservation of our state’s water resources and the environment that the legislature entrusted to KRA, the Environmental and Public Protection Cabinet (EPPC), and local governments under KRS Chapter 151. The failure of the KRA and the EPPC to take the lead in solving this problem does not, however, diminish the statutory obligation of the PSC to address this problem with whatever tools are available.

While the result, in the judgement of this Court, is less than ideal, and is, at best, a short-term solution to the problem, the PSC could not decide this case in a vacuum. After 20 years of struggling to address this problem, it could not reasonably await a better long term solution from the state agencies charged with the responsibility of planning and addressing water supply issues in the Kentucky River Basin.

Wanna read the entire thing? Click here (Warning: PDF Link) to download the full document.

Something tells me this is going to become a much bigger deal in the Lexington mayoral race.