Rand Paul On Republicans & Pork Projects

Rand Paul had a lot to say through the years.

Herald-Leader – April 16, 2000, Peter Baniak & Jack Brammer, Page A1:

The leader of a statewide anti-tax group said he thinks Republicans were afraid to go home without a budget. They knew they would face accusations of shutting down government, much as congressional Republicans did five years ago, said Rand Paul, chairman of Kentucky Taxpayers United.

Paul pointed out that Republicans had said they would pass a budget that would favor people over pork. But they later added to the budget 200 projects, most in their home districts.

“They know that when they go home to their districts, nobody is going to slap them on the back and say, ‘Great job, you got us a revenue neutral budget,'” Paul said. “So they all got projects in their districts.”

Add to that what he wrote in an August 23, 2006 letter to The Kentucky Post:

Revenue neutral tax modernization was and is a snoozer and motivates no one. Besides, every pronouncement by Fletcher in the run up to passage always maintained that the bill would be revenue neutral but would allow government to grow. Explain that one to me. Revenue neutral but allow government to grow. George Orwell would be pleased with the newspeak.

The most important problem for Fletcher, though, is that there was no vision, no dream, to tax modernization. Absolutely no one joins Kentucky Taxpayers United because they want taxes to remain the same, just make someone else besides me pay more.


Even Clinton might have been more electable after Monica-gate than Fletcher is now. One key difference, is that most Democrats stood by their man. Republicans in Kentucky have been fair-weather friends.

For those in favor of a small, frugal, limited government it is hard to care one way or the other. But if Fletcher called me tomorrow and said, “I have a dream, a vision of a land of less taxes and smaller government. And I want to base my political future and the future of Kentucky on that dream,” maybe, just maybe, he might find a way out of the current morass.

Fair-weather friends, indeed.

Oh, and a juicy bit on the corruption of former Governor Ernie Fletcher. Paul also wrote:

Fletcher’s problems really can all be traced back to Al Gore. If Al Gore hadn’t invented the Internet, Fletcher never would have gotten e-mail and never would have plotted to get rid of all those bad old Democrats polluting the Frankfort bureaucracy.

Now to give Fletcher a break, we have to acknowledge that having a bulldog attorney general who is a wannabe Democrat contender for the governorship has driven this nightmare. If you had a Republican attorney general, there would be no indictments and no case. Food for thought for Republicans: Apparently you can’t govern peacefully unless you win the governorship and the attorney general’s office.

Which gets me back to my daydream. What would I do if I were governor?

First, I’d have pardoned myself and everyone included nearly a year ago. Without a pardon the case goes on and on. Fletcher has gotten no kudos whatsoever for not pardoning himself.

Mmm hmm. Says he would have pardoned himself.