Daniel Mongiardo’s Final Senate Email Blast

No one can deny that Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo ran a powerful race for the U.S. Senate. No one. Not even me.

So let’s read his final email blast out of respect:

I want to express my sincere, heartfelt thanks to each of you for all your hard work these past 17 months.  Together we created one of the most extensive, volunteer-driven, grassroots organizations in the history of the Commonwealth.  Together, we stood as Kentuckians to make our voices heard.  And together, we sent a clear message: Kentucky needs a Senator who will stand up and be a champion for hardworking, everyday Kentuckians.

I share with you the disappointment of the outcome. To fall short by less than 1%—a mere 3500 votes out of over 520,000 cast—is particularly difficult. However, despite being significantly out spent and having most of the political establishment against us, I am proud of what we were able to accomplish.

I do not know what the future holds for me politically.  After concluding my duties as Lt. Governor, my plan is to focus on my family – my wife Allison and raising our beautiful daughter Kathryn, and practicing medicine.  There is one thing I do know:  the personal friendships we’ve developed over the course of this campaign are special.   To me, the greatest thing about Kentucky politics is the people.  I am certain I will continue venturing out into the state from time to time because you are important to me and Allison and I want to maintain and strengthen our friendships with you.

I will be forever grateful and indebted to you for all your time, dedication and hard work in supporting me.  And I look forward to continuing our work to try and build a better and stronger Kentucky.

If I can ever help you, don’t hesitate to call.  I will always be available to you – that will never change.

All the best,

Daniel Mongiardo

Unfortunately, Daniel once again neglected to mention the winner, Jack Conway, and that’s disappointing.

Everyone in Frankfort tells me he’s upset. That’s understandable. But if he wants to be taken seriously, he needs to be the gentleman we know he can be.

16 thoughts on “Daniel Mongiardo’s Final Senate Email Blast

  1. Memo to DannyBoy: Get the fuck back to work, you know, the Lt. Gov. job you are supposed to be doing 50 hours a week like us regular Kentuckians. You pols make me sick with your fucking hypocrisy.

  2. Although, I agree that at some point in the near future Mongiardo and Conway need to kiss, make up and move on, I don’t think that the thank you note to supporters is the right place. I know a lot of people that it will take some time to get past the robo calls from the last weekend. Especially, the ” ignorant racist” one.

    Like Hillary and her folks it will take come time, but I think we’ll all be together soon, but to force it too quickly could prevent the process from happening at all.

  3. Dan Mogiardo needs to do some soul searching and ask himself the hard question, ‘Why do Kentucky Democrats keep rejecting me’?

    The answer is there if he’s willing to see it.

  4. Uk Alum: Ky Democrats rejected him by 3500 votes with over 500,000 cast. The only other time he lost an election was a general, which Republicans happen to vote. Both elections he exceeded expectations. This from someone who is glad Conway is our nominee.

  5. @West Coast: In both of those elections, the margin of loss for Dr. Dan can be partially explained by the gay folks like myself who will never cast a vote for him until he apologizes for attacking our families. And that is in spite of the fact that he has eyebrows like Joan Crawford!

  6. Christopher: I certainly understand and agree with your issues with Mongiardo. However, we either want to him to help Jack or not. I can’t believe that you are saying that you don’t want Mongiardo to urge his supporters, especially those rural, both east and west to vote for Jack. Unfortunately, many of these rural Democrats have opinions that I don’t prescribe to, but I still want their votes.

  7. Oh I definitely hope they will either support Jack or if they don’t they will be so turned off by BP’s hero Rand, they will stay home.

  8. Right on, ChristopherM! We’ll also never forget about all of the Democratic candidates who had to fight against the excessive amount of ultra-conservative voters Dan Mongiardo’s co-sponsored, 2004 Amendment of hate, brought to the polls that year.

  9. Most of us Mongiardo supporters are now for Conway big time because, you see, we are DEMOCRATS. Dr Mongiardo IS a gentleman and will deliver as such. I can only speculate what would have been the result had Mongiardo won, what would Conway’s or better yet WWJCD (what would Jack Conway Do?) and I assure you it would have been no better. Also, you can count on Mongiardo being active in promoting Democratic agendas, Conways included, for after all, we are all facing St Paul the Divine. Watch your labels about gentlemen..sir it takes one to know one.

  10. Kentucky Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo is planning to add more charges to the ethics complaint he recently filed against state Attorney General Jack Conway, his opponent in the race for a U.S. Senate seat.

    Mongiardo has already alleged that Conway has “violated the public trust” by accepting more than $70,000 in campaign contributions from utility companies, their executives and lobbyists while approving rate hikes.

    Mongiardo’s complaint also says Conway approved a $22 million rate increase for Louisville Gas & Electric then accepted thousands of dollars in contributions from the company’s executives and its registered lobbyists.


  11. Well, seeing as Jackie had Dan’s private conversations secretly recorded to derail his campaign I don’t blame him. Jackie is a typical cookie cutter pol that may as well be a Ken Doll. At least Dan has some authenticity to him. Something that is sorely lacking in the political arena of today that is nonstop bumper sticker slogans and 30 second soundbites.

  12. If they really have strong philosophical disagreements, why would he support him?

    I know Ron Paul refused to endorse any of the other Republicans in the Republican Presidential primary.

    Philosophically I think Mongiardo might have more in common with an anti-establishment, anti-corporatist libertarian then Conway.

    This race was about the stablishment vs the anti-establishment. The establishment won the Democrat primary. The anti-establishment won the Republican. Their are freedom wings and their are fascist wings of both parties. It’s not about Democrat vs Republican. It’s about the people vs the political class.


  13. A ethics storm is a brewin in Jack Conway’s camp. POSSIBLE ethics charges and misuse of his Attorney General’s office are in sight. Jack will be lucky to run for senate come November. If these ethics violations turnout to be true, who will run for the Democrats? Will Mongiardo run as an independent? What if poor Jackie boy has to go to prison?

  14. I hope Daniel continues to push bullshit that he knows is bullshit.

    Because I’ll start talking about how he cheated on Francene Cucinello, dragged her through the mud all the way to Italy, and everything else he’s done.

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