This Video Footage Concerns Me Greatly

There are few things I dislike more than people who say one thing about mountaintop removal and then do another for the sake of political expediency:

Jack Conway’s **this close** to beating Daniel Mongiardo.

So will this video help him in Eastern Kentucky or hurt him in the Golden Triangle? Or both?

Yeah, it’s desperate for Jack’s opponents or king coal or whatever to stick this video up so close to election day – right after a major poll is released – but this environmental double-speak pisses me completely off.

15 thoughts on “This Video Footage Concerns Me Greatly

  1. Oof, not cool, JC. Not cool.

    So he’s lied to Jake, more than just the time he told us about this week. Now this?

    I think it hurts him in both, EKY and the Golden Triangle, because you can’t trust anything he says.

  2. I’ve always called him on pretending to support mountaintop removal for political expediency.

    His campaign told me early on he planned to support it because it was expedient – and I reported that months ago.

    But I didn’t think he was careless enough to get VIDEOTAPED. Haha.

    Let’s get real: he’s way more trustworthy than Lt. Dan, the man who doesn’t have the balls to admit what he’s said about the failed governor.

  3. factor in BP abysmally in the gulf or even
    governor arnold S. and the limits of renewables, and coal gets looked at again despite the W.Va methane driven preventable disaster…

  4. At least mongi tells it how it is:-/

    what is up with Conway?
    He is now against gay marriage
    against cap n trade
    for mountainTop removal

    mongi should admit what he said about the gov but at least it was a private conversation with a Lawson shill.

    But does anyone know what conway stands for? This guy will/do anything.

    He is a DINO

  5. Whipsmack!: Who knows? Every time I read one of their comments, I want to visit the LEO Weekly website to hear that infernal hollering dinosaur.

  6. “At least mongi tells it how it is”

    Seriously? He seems to dance around every question with out giving a definitive answer. Case in point his inability to answer the simple question over whether he would have voted for the health care bill.

  7. Some of us go to extreme lengths like… using geothermal (wish I could), using solar (do), super-efficient appliances, electronics that don’t hog power (I charge my phones and computers via solar in the summer – in addition to the few panels I have), paying for offset credits, etc.

  8. If we took some of the tens of billions of dollars being spent trying to prove that man-made global warming exists, and used it as an incentive contract to be awarded to the first private company to develop a home fuel cell that runs off of solar and low-emission natural gas, we would be decades ahead of were we are in trying to ween ourselves off of coal. The best way to eliminate MTR is to eliminate the huge demand for coal.

    Instead we will continue down this pathetically inefficient path to alternative energy innovation.

  9. Looks like if Conway wins that he will be just one of the good ole boys. It is sad that he told ya that he was going to lie about supporting Mtr when he is against it. How can you trust him or do you just not care? I do not think that Washington needs another rich lawyer. just one mans opinion.

  10. While I disagree with MHNH about the money being “spent” to prove global warming, he’s right about one thing — we need to be incenting R&D and investment in general to get us off fossil fuels.

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