Anti-Rand Paul Ad Running In Lexington

Have you seen this new ad out against Rand Paul? It’s paid for by Coalition for Kentucky Values, Inc. – an organization run by Tim Isaac, a Lexington media producer.


P.S. Isaac is the guy Rand Paul’s campaign allegedly screwed by not paying him money he was owed for video production.

26 thoughts on “Anti-Rand Paul Ad Running In Lexington

  1. I heard that he was never under contract with the campaign, but… that David Adams blew a bunch of smoke of his ass and pissed him off.

  2. David Adams refused to answer questions about it a few months ago when given the chance and would not tell me that he wasn’t under contract.

  3. Haha, guess you folks think the Democrats are going to like Alex Jones, right?

    Think again.

    If Jack Conway wins, it’ll be an absolute treat running against Rand Paul.

  4. I don’t worry about the general, since he could simply say that if he had to agree with the interviewers, he wouldn’t talk to anyone. He couldn’t talk to the Fox News hosts who supported the bailout.

    But for the primary there is no time to explain it. Would this make little old ladies change their vote to Grayson, or will they most likely just brush it aside? It’s a serious question, because they are one of the groups that strongly support Rand.

  5. “If Jack Conway wins, it’ll be an absolute treat running against Rand Paul.”

    Paul also thinks it would be a treat to run against Jack “you don’t have a right to not have health care” Conway.

  6. I’m still betting Mongiardo pulls it out, but Alex Jones will be an issue. Actually, the Grayson camp played this around the edges and handed it off to surrogates with no mass exposure, and now when things are hopeless, they’re guns ablazing. I’d have been using this from day one, but then I’m not as smart as McConnell’s brain trust :-) Alex Jones is gonna love his Kentucky visitors in the next few months. This thing’s gonna get hotter than an Ol Miss Sorority house on game night.

  7. ” Liberty Christ vs. Health Care.

    Yeah, that sounds about right. ”

    Your characterization, not mine, but examining it, which wins, in Kentucky?

  8. Dan: Looks like it’s just on Insight Cable in Lexington…. so he’s probably only spending a couple hundred bucks.

  9. I don’t understand why the mainstream media have not explored Rand Paul’s link with Alex Jones. It is absolute incompetence on their part. I am embarrassed for the Herald-Leader, Courier-Journal and other other newspapers for not taking a close look at this man and his connections. Paul’s campaign is littered with folks on the fringe. Without truthers and nuts like Alex Jones, Paul’s campaign would have never got off the ground.

  10. Rand Paul seems to have lots of ties to wackos, and his support is coming from out of state, so this ad seems spot on. Perhaps Trey Grayson should run the damned thing.

  11. Wake Up Call: Not sure who Alex Jones is but very sure that one guy surely does not make or break a campaign. I listened to Rand Paul at last night’s tea party rally at John E’s restaurant and I still think he makes the highest number of intelligent comments about all the issues we care about. His demeanor and presentation skills are extremely good. His likability factor over some doldrum like Grayson is very strong. Grayson comes off like a McConnell clone except for the bad purse lips.

  12. Guilty by association?
    Two totally different videos spliced together that have nothing to do with one another.

    Why is being able to compartmentalize only allowed to be done by liberals in our society?
    (example: Liberals claiming that Clinton having extramarital sex had nothing to do with his ability to serve as President)

    I love liberal double standards!

  13. That’s the ticket – blame it on the gat danged libruls. Never mind that this ad was produced by right-wing Republicans.

    What does Clinton’s cock have to do with anything? George Bush could barely read and/or speak English and it didn’t… well… maybe it did.

  14. ‘this ad was produced by right-wing Republicans.’

    Tim Isaac? Right-wing? Don’t count on it. He’s no ideologue, except in pursuit of his own aggrandizement, perhaps. He does media for whoever he perceives to be more influential at the time.

    Besides, the only way Rand Paul would lose the general election is if Republican turnout is way, way down, and Democrat turnout is way, way up. In fact, that’s exactly what happened in 2008 when Democrats were enthused for Obama and Republicans found McCain less than inspiring. And even then, the Democrats didn’t have enough numbers to win a KY Senate seat. This year, the situation is reversed – it’s the Republicans (particularly of the tea party variety in Rand Paul’s base) who are energized to get out and vote, and Democrats who aren’t.

  15. Alex Jones is just the tip of the right wing whacko iceburg and Rand Paul. Wait till the Dems get into the boyz from Stormfront….


  16. CG, no, the Republican _were_ energized. The reality is that we’re seeing the energy of GOP and tea party hippies die down. The silent majority will be the ones speaking in November.

  17. At any rate, Conway or Mongiardo have a tremendous amount of political ammo to use against Ayn Rand Paul. They wouldn’t have a quarter as much to use against Grayson, and to top that, moderate Democrats and independents really like Grayson.

  18. dudes… i knoe jack conway is 100% straight…
    jake once had a quiet line to the whiz kids
    around jack conway. could you all make my
    day and hint at any potentiality of a bimbo
    eruption happening in a very gary hart or
    bill clinton manner concerning the photgenic
    A.G? lets face it, he has to be hiding something!
    there actually were “rubbers’ and rubbers
    in warren g. harding’s hall closet. jack kennedy
    had quite a way with the ladies! surely a nice
    mistress or two takes the wind out of the sails
    of the rumor that opines the guy is very gay!!!
    do hekp A.G jack out on this one! lets be logical!

  19. Being a popular guest on a radio talk show doesn’t mean anything. That’s Alex ranting, not Rand.

    Trey must really be desperate to stoop to this level which, on top of Mitch’s endorsement makes me want to vote for Rand Paul all the more.

  20. Att whore

    I know this guy Tim Isaac and he did lots of work for Rand Pauls campaign which David Adams flat out has refused to pay him. He is also a good guy and not a right wing nut as some are calling him. He is not the wrong person here, he has been wronged by Rand’s campaign. Also, David went to him and asked for his help! He did not solicit David or Rand. So, before you spout off about this, you should know the truth and the facts!

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