Monday Evening Dept of KDP Still Broke, Silent

Rand Paul and gay animals in the New York Times Magazine this weekend. Oh my gay stars! [Marion County Line]

Is it opposites day? Republicans are finally beginning to question the competency of Mitch McConnell. [HuffPo]

The Pope vows to get church pedophilia down to acceptable levels. So wrong yet so right. [The Onion]

The psychiatrist’s report is sealed, but a judge earlier today ruled that Steve Nunn is competent to stand trial. [Various Media Reports]

Lt. Dan says Jack Conway is just like Rand Paul and wants all old people to keel over. Amen. [Lt. Dan’s People Are Grasping]

Nobama is so mean with his census form!!1! SO MEAN! [Wonkette]

Woopsiedaisy! The fancy Herald-Leader forgot to mention that David Adams worked with Jim Waters last year. [Barefoot & Progressive]

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month in Kentucky. Kind of ironic. What, with all the priestly sexytime messes going on. [SoS]

The Kentucky Democratic Party’s Twitter account is reason enough to want to change your voter registration. If you’re a Democrat currently embarrassed by your party in Kentucky. [What The Crap]

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