Don’t Get Too Drunk To Remember The Derby

Rand Paul’s supporters are taking a moment from hiding in meemaw’s basement to sit in absolute denial on the internets. Apparently it’s unconstitutional and illegal – an affront to AMERICA!!1! – to question Saint Dr. Rand. Hilarity ensues as the liberty christ people pour out of chester vans everywhere. [Page One]

Remember that loon Marilyn Parker who was afraid of the Muslims and the foreigns? She’s back. This time she’s leaving comments on websites from her gigantic and expensive East End home. The deficit is clearly Nobama’s fault and has nothing to do with the eight years of the Bush Misadministration. [We Get Comments]

Some Republican state senate candidates argued or whatever at WKU recently. [Bowling Green Daily News]

Lt. Dan, who has Miss Val send out 50 press releases about what he’s doing all weekend every five seconds, is going to get all muddy in the Kentucky Derby infield. [National Journal]

The Budweiser Clydesdales will also be in the infield with Lt. Dan, pooping everywhere and crushing people left and right. [C-J]

Somebody’s got some hot stock tips for Jim Newberry. Kentucky American Water for the win, obviously. [Barefoot & Progressive]

The lamestream media is playing down an assault on freedom while America’s liberty freedom patrio rebel wake-up bloggers are fighting for truth, because just look at those violent extremists! [Wonkette]

This is so shocking no one will believe it, obviously. The FBI is investigating federal mining officials and Massey Energy over possible bribery. How absurd! That could never happen. [HuffPo]

What will happen to Louisville’s famed Iron Quarter downtown? An effort is under way to save things. Should we hold our breath? [Broken Sidewalk]

Going to the Kentucky Derby? Got money riding on the race? Check out this fancy index. [Paulick Report]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. on KET. Scheduled guests: Janet Patton, Greg Stotelmyer and Deborah Yetter. And on Monday, Kentucky Tonight will host Democratic U.S. Senate candidates James Buckmaster, Jack Conway, Daniel Mongiardo, Darlene Price and Maruice Sweeney. The program will air nationally on C-SPAN, as well. [Press Release]

Are You Registered To Vote In The May Primary?

In 2006 there were 2,709,959 Kentuckians registered to vote in the primary. In 2008 there were 2,857,231. In the 2008 general, there were 2,906,809 registered.

For this year’s primary there are just 2,851,996 people registered to vote.

From the Secretary of State’s office:

Registration figures continued to show little change in the percentage of male and female voters with females representing nearly 53% of the registration population and males representing 47%. In terms of party registration, Democrats, Republicans, and “Others” decreased their number of registered voters by 2.65%, 0.85%, and 0.91% since November of 2008, respectively. Democrats decreased their voters by 44,082 to 1,618,011. Republicans decreased their voters by 8,999 to 1,044,872. “Others” decreased their voters by 1,732 to 189,113.

Republicans and “Others” increased their percentages of the Kentucky voter rolls as they now comprise 36.64% and 6.63% of Kentucky voters, respectively. That is an increase of 0.38% and 0.06% since the 2008 general election, respectively. Democrats saw their percentage decrease 0.41% since the 2008 general election to 56.77%. Those percentages have set records in modern Kentucky history with Republicans and Independents being higher than ever before and Democrats being lower.

Compared to the 2006 primary election registration figures, there has been a net increase of 142,007 in total voters, or 5.24%; 69,568 in Democratic voters, or 4.49%; 55,373 in Republican voters, or 5.60%; and 17,096 “other” voters, or 9.94%. Democrats, Republicans, and “Others” represented 57.14%, 36.51%, and 6.35% of the electorate in May of 2006, respectively. Since May of 2006, the percentage of the electorate has changed -0.37% for Democrats, 0.13% for Republicans, and 0.28% for “Others” as compared to current percentages of Kentucky registered voters.

Sucks that the numbers are down. But it’s kind of nice to see “others” increasing as more and more people become disenfranchised with the corrupt political party system in Kentucky.

Does Rand Paul Have Something To Hide?

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Guess how much a successful ophthalmologist like Rand Paul makes in a year? Just $46,143, according to his personal financial disclosure (Warning: PDF Link). Not sure how someone who lives in a $500,000 home in a gated community can pay his bills on just $46K. He’s got rental property and an LLC in Bowling Green that paid him $176,223 – along with “royalties,” however. Whatever “royalties” means.

He owns two properties in Bowling Green. One valued at up to $500,000 from which he received up to $100,000 in rent and another valued up to $100,000 for which he received up to $15,000 in rent. He’s also got a condo in Destin, Florida valued at up to $250,000 from which he received up $15,000 in rent. He apparently bought it (Warning: PDF Link) from his in-laws. But the deed was so fishy, the closing attorney wouldn’t take ownership of the paperwork – see page 2.

He owes up to $250,000 on the condo and up to $250,000 on his medical office.

Rand lists himself as president of Alchemy, LLC, a Bowling Green entity through which much of his income seems to flow (related note: his U.S. Senate campaign uses the Alchemy address as its headquarters, yet it’s never paid rent and has never reported an in-kind contribution from Alchemy). His wife, Kelley, his father, Ron, and Ronnie Paul are all members. Interestingly, though, Ron hasn’t listed Alchemy, LLC on his own financial disclosure in the last five years.

Does Alchemy, LLC own all of Rand’s metals stocks and such? Just like all the metals and gold interests and such his father owns?

Some of the highlights from the elder Paul’s PFD:

  • Agnico Eagle Mines Common Stock worth up to $100,000
  • Alumina Common Stock worth up to $15,000 with up to $1,000 in income
  • AngloGold Ashanti LTD (formerly Golden Cycle Gold Corp) worth up to $250,000
  • Apollo Gold Corp worth up to $15,000
  • Barrick Gold Corp Common stock worth up to $250,000 with up to $2,500 in income
  • Claude Research Inc. C Stock worth up to $15,000
  • Coeur D’Alene Mines Corp worth up to $15,000
  • Eldorado Gold Corp worth up to $50,000
  • Gold Corp Inc. Class A worth up to $500,000 with up to $2,500 in income
  • Golden Star Res Ltd worth up to $15,000
  • Great Basin Gold Ltd worth up to $15,000
  • IAM Gold Corp worth up to $100,000 with up to $200 in income
  • Kinross Common Stock worth up to $50,000 with up to $2,500 in income
  • Lexam Explorations Inc. worth up to $1,000
  • Mag Silver Corp worth up to $50,000
  • Metalline Mining Co. worth up to $15,000
  • Newmont Mining Corp C Stock worth up to $250,000 with income up to $2,500
  • Pan American Siler worth up to $50,000
  • Capital gains from Pan American Silver Warrants for a $27,440 transaction
  • Silver Wheaton Corp Common ISIN worth up to $15,000
  • Virginia Mines Inc. Common Stock worth up to $15,000
  • Vista Gold Corp Common Stock worth up to $1,000
  • Viterra Inc Com (formerly Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Inc ISIN) worth up to $15,000
  • Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd worth up to $15,000

You’ll probably want to read the rest after the jump – especially if you’re foaming at the mouth in your meemaw’s basement…

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TGIF! It’s Oaks Day & No One Is Likely Reading

Trey Grayson said in a letter to the Courier-Journal that he didn’t want the paper’s endorsement. But that’s not what he told the editorial board – on video – just a few weeks ago.  Who is making these silly mistakes for Trey?  Why doesn’t he have competent people to give him advice?  Goodness. [See For Yourself]

Do rednecks in Kentucky act like these rednecks in Indiana did over a book? Anytime something is about a non-white, it’s automatically “garbage.” [C-J]

Renee True is still lying in Lexington. She and Steve Henry are birds of a political feather. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Saint Dr. Rand Paul is still fighting the Right to Life. And Right to Life is winning. [Joe Arnold & Amanda Van Benschoten]

What happens when you have those godforsaken hacks in Frankfort 24/7? The courts slash 113 jobs. That’s what. [Bluegrass Politics]

What happens when you’re running for the U.S. Senate and have a horse in the Kentucky Derby? You get great free press like this. Kimball will complain in 3, 2 … [WaPo]

This Western Kentucky mine disaster has turned out to be a nightmare that makes us sick to our stomachs. [C-J]

Unknown Louisville mayoral candidate Shannon White is losing her marbles and attacking everybody 24/7. She is so mad she could spit. [The ‘Ville Voice]

A United States Attorney is now conducting a criminal investigation of Goldman Sachs. But some teabaggers and other Republicans have decided they don’t hate corruption enough to hurt poor little Goldman Sachs. [HuffPo]