Mike Wilson’ll Just Cold Conversatize You Maybe

The best thing about Insight Communications’ broadband service? When there’s a failure every day. That way you forget about the 600 weekly piece of junk mail pushing “Insight Phone,” increased rates for decreased service and sloooow data speeds. [Dun Dun Dun]

Senate goes in tomorrow 10:00 – 4:00, but not Friday. Goes back on the 14th & 15th. FLUSTERCUCK! [Just Saying]

So… that Mike Wilson thingy about the homo-sexin I shared with you yesterday? Turns out he’s handing them out in-person. Meaning he still hasn’t picked up on the hilarious typographical error. [Page One]

Just like I said earlier, Frankfort fell apart over the budget today. One wants to pay for hookers and top-shelf coke and one does not. When will we just turn the damn lights off and shut state government down? [Ronnie Ellis]

Kentucky U.S. Senate candidates running low on funds? Not so much. Well, no one other than Daniel Mongiardo, who won’t be able to respond to Jack Conway when the television race really begins. [National Journal]

Tomorrow at 10:00 A.M. Congressman John Yarmuth will announce major new federal funding for the Louisville International Airport. [Press Release]

Skoalrebel makes a glorious re-appearance. And what kinda tea do the teabaggers drink? The actual tea-related products associated with angry patriotic Teabaggers are a) Sweet tea from McDonald’s (corn syrup with a lemon wedge in a paper cup), b) Raspberry-flavored tea at the Cracker Barrel (corn syrup poured over crushed ice in giant plastic cup), and c) Snapple or Snapple-related beverages purchased at the mini-mart (corn syrup in a glass or plastic bottle). [Ken Layne]

Rick Pitino’s getting a four-year contract extension. And zillions of dollars. [C-J]

Monday’s edition of Kentucky Tonight will feature 5th Congressional District Democratic primary candidates Jim Holbert, David Prince and Kenneth Stepp. Tune in at 8:00 P.M. Eastern. Monday, April 5. KET. [Press Release]

That mean Nobama finally supports a Mitch McConnell thingy that could, you know, tick Democrats off. Then Mitch gets his manties in a twist and says he isn’t going far enough. [Jim Carroll & More Jim Carroll]

We Get Glorious Fan Mail All The Time!

I love receiving beautiful fan mail like this from Louisville Metro Government employees. This latest email is so great (love the fans) that it’s being published on both Page One AND The ‘Ville Voice.

Check it out:

Name: Grown Ups

Email: penny@gmail.com

Subject: No self-respect

Message: Lunchtime. You are clearly a young fool and ‘tiddy
baby’. We laugh at you and the ignorant things you write about once
a month. That’s all the time we can spare for doo doo like this.

You don’t even realize that you out yourself with every word. We
bet all of Louisville is laughing at you with us. Don’t you have
any self-respect?

HOST: mail.metrorevenue.org

How sweet!

Somebody’s panties are clearly in a twist post-audit.

Conway Hits Mongiardo The Hardest So Far

Uh… just check out the latest release from Jack Conway’s campaign:

Mongiardo lobs false claims amid revelations of plagiarized education policy

Falsely attacks Conway’s record to distract from his allegiance with Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning on health care

LOUISVILLE – Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate Jack Conway is calling on his primary opponent Daniel Mongiardo to retract the baseless attack he released today in an attempt to distort Conway’s record of helping Kentucky families. Conway said:

“Daniel Mongiardo is just wrong. On the Atmos case, I saved Kentucky families and businesses over $3.5 million.

“Daniel Mongiardo knows that I am an aggressive advocate for Kentucky utility customers, which is why he won’t tell you about the $100 million dollars that we’ve saved for working families during the past two years.”

For a description and documentation of the Attorney General’s statutory role as consumer advocate for utility customers, please click here.

The distortions from Mongiardo aren’t surprising considering that as a state senator, he stole State Senator Jerry Rhoads’ article on education and submitted it under his own name to the Harlan Daily Enterprise newspaper. Mongiardo didn’t even bother to paraphrase or re-order the wording – he copied it exactly. See a side-by-side comparison of the two plans here.

Mongiardo also plagiarized Mitch McConnell and the Republicans when he said Congress should “stop and start over” on health care reform. Again, he used the exact same language.

The public is taking notice of Mongiardo mimicking Mitch McConnell on health care. Earlier this month the Louisville Examiner pointed out Mongiardo’s tendency to copycat others’ policy and attempt to pass it off as his own by saying, “A look at Dan Mongiardo’s health care plan and it becomes blatantly clear the so-called Democrat copied the Republican proposal nearly word for word.” (Louisville Examiner, March 2, 2010)

Conway concluded: “Daniel Mongiardo is running the ‘Xerox’ campaign because he doesn’t have a record to run on – as a state senator he copied someone else’s article on education, last week he copied Mitch McConnell’s position on health care.

“I’m proud of my record of saving money for Kentucky working families and taxpayers all across the Commonwealth. Elected office is a public trust and voters deserve a U.S. Senator they can trust to create jobs and opportunity for Kentucky families and bring accountability to Washington.”


Ruh ro.

Okay. Which Way Is It, Lt Dan?

Is Jack Conway for the coal-energy barons or is he against them?

Here’s what you said in your latest email blast/fundraising request:

My opponent’s cozy ties with utility executives and lobbyists, as well as his bragging about being the preferred candidate of the Washington establishment, equals more of the same for Kentuckians.  If you want a senator who will take on insiders and special interests, then I’m your candidate.

So which is it? Is he for coal/energy? Against it?

And special interests? Aren’t you the darling of the med-pharma lobbyists and king coal?

This must be have your cake and eat it, too day in Kentucky.

Is That Mommy Lady Just Lost Or What?

Ready for a really great laugh?

Check this out for a refresher.

Then check this:

From the woman who sued Walmart because she was discriminated against, no less.

Yup. Gotta be lost. Or she’s at least so brainwashed she still believes most of those priests aren’t sexually repressed.

Doesn’t she know Trey Grayson has gay people on his staff? Or that divorce is a “sin”?

Can’t wait til her kids grow up to be drag queens.

Oh, here are a couple shots of her being obsessed with anything that involves Nazis, Germany and the Holocaust:

Trey Grayson should be ashamed for taking people like this seriously.

That Time Again: March Lobbying Expenditures

It’s that time again, ladies and ladydudes. Fancy numbers from the Legislative Ethics Commission.

$4.2 million was spent by employers of lobbyists in Frankfort during the first two months of the 2010 General Assembly. $3.9 million was spent by employers of lobbyists. $3.6 million for lobbyist compensation, $226,000 for expenses and $119,000 on receptions and events. Lobbyists have also spent about $260,000 on office expenses and roughly $16,000 on receptions and dinners.

Some highlights:

  • American Insurance Association spent $2,000 in January and $14,581 in February
  • Aramark spent $4,000 and $9,661
  • Assurant Solutions spent $2,000 and $9,500
  • Chiropractic Public Relations Committee spent $600 and $5,050
  • Kentuckians For The Commonwealth spent $8,700 and $20,500
  • Kentucky Association of Health Care Facilities spent $8,931 and $14,368
  • Kentucky State Building & Construction Trades Council spent $5,555 and $11,441
  • Kentucky Youth Advocates spent $204 and $8,429
  • Life Insurance Settlement Association spent $4,000 in the second month
  • RAI Services (formerly Reynolds American) spent $3,250 and $20,716
  • Red Mile (Lexington Trots LLC) spent $10,000 in the second month
  • Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of Kentucky spent $8,537 and $14,249

Outside of direct lobbying expenses, several organizations increased February spending by sponsoring events in Frankfort:

  • February 1 – Kentucky Grocers Association, Food with Wine Coalition, et al spent $5,200 on a reception at the Capital Plaza Hotel
  • February 3 – Coal Operators & Associates, Kentucky Coal Association, Kentucky Oil & Gas Association and West Kentucky Coal Association spent $19,032 on a reception at Buffalo Trace Clubhouse
  • February 8 – Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives, Duke Energy, E.ON U.S. and Kentucky Power Company spent $4,569 on a reception at the Capital Plaza
  • February 10 – Kentucky Association of Realtors spent $5,750 on a reception at the Capital Plaza
  • February 16 – Commerce Lexington spent $4,700 on a reception at Buffalo Trace Clubhouse

The top spending businesses and organizations:

  • Altria Client Services, Inc. – $40,664
  • Kentucky Education Association – $28,914
  • Kentucky Chamber of Commerce – $26,699
  • Kentucky Hospital Association – $22,843
  • Kentucky Association of Health Plans – $20,810
  • RAI Services Co. – $20,716
  • Kentucky Retail Federation – $20,559
  • Kentuckians For The Commonwealth – $20,548
  • Kentucky Medical Association – $20,012
  • Kentucky Farm Bureau – $18,765
  • Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives – $18,327
  • Kentucky Bankers Association – $18,080
  • Coal Operators & Associates – $15,334
  • University Healthcare – $15,155
  • Norton Healthcare – $14,999

And among those newly-registered employers, three companies spent considerable funds in their first month of lobbying:

  • The Catfish Institute – $5,000
  • General Motors LLC – $11,482
  • Injured Workers Pharmacy – $6,667

The legislative session is a lucrative business, it seems.

David Williams: Main Budgetary Problem Causer

It appears the Senate is the hold-up on finalizing a budget. Imagine that.

Check out this plan leaked by House leadership:

2010 Session Endgame

  • The House: Ready to negotiate, willing to meet Senate halfway on budget, roads and jobs.
  • House budget protects K-12 Education/SEEK.
  • Senate claims to restore 2 instructional days, then cuts K-12 educational funding 94 million dollars, 26 million dollars more than the House budget. Senate budget will result in teacher lay-offs.
  • Senate is taking a “No negotiation, No jobs” position, with a top-down approach.
  • House wants to add jobs; Senator Leeper admits at least 20,000 would be added under the House budget.
  • House wants to replace the state’s worst schools, improve roads, provide water and sewer for all Kentuckians.
  • Use of Bill Nighbert in conference committee is a deal-breaker:
  1. The House will not work with a political operative on road policy
  2. He is not subject to ethics or confidentially guidelines
  3. He admitted ethics violations just this month and paid a $500 fine, something President Williams called “a technical sort of situation.”
  4. Nighbert also indicted on misdemeanor charges from merit hiring investigation, waived only by Gov. Fletcher’s blanket pardon.
  5. Even though acquitted in bid-rigging trial, his actions as secretary led to several ethics changes in the Transportation Cabinet.

Ouch. Maybe it’s time for King David to admit he’s part of the reason Kentucky can’t have nice things.

UPDATE @ 1:15– Tom Loftus just posted this story about a potential budget deadlock:

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The conference committee on the state budget broke off around midday Wednesday with the House and Senate deadlocked over whether to fund the House’s proposal for a big bond issue to build news schools and other projects.

One conferee, Senate Republican Caucus Chairman Dan Seum of Louisville, said, “We’re going home.”

Seum and Senate Republican Whip Carroll Gibson of Leitchfield both said negotiations were over.

Get your popcorn ready! Looks more and more likely that Governor Beshear could veto the budget.