New Music Tuesday Is Great for Kentucky Stars

Stallions are leaving Kentucky at an alarming rate. There’s no doubt about that. So why isn’t anybody trying to do something to save the horse industry outside of expanded gambling? Kentucky is losing ground and we need to do something. [H-L]

Mitch McConnell’s lackey is all about some transparency in judicial elections. Interesting that there’s been nary a peep about transparency in U.S. Senate elections. Because it still takes a dick year to get Senate FEC reports published and McConnell is fine with that. [John David Dyche]

Louisville was named one of the top ten saddest places to live in the country! You know it’s all gone to pot when flipping Detroit is better off than we are. Thanks to an astute reader to dropped this our way. [Gallup]

I linked to this story about lack of oversight for state contracts earlier today. But what’s really interesting? The Herald-Leader didn’t bother talking to the current House co-chair, Dennis Horlander, who just secured a big job with Jefferson County Public Schools. He was working for Codell Construction last year, but it “didn’t work out.” That’s what’s interesting. [H-L Again]

Kentuckians Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore have released “Dear Companion” so go buy it! The album was produced by Jim James/Yim Yames of My Morning Jacket fame and he’s featured on the album. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Appalachian Voices in the fight against mountaintop removal. For those of you who hate buying local (damn you), it’s also available on iTunes. [Click the Clicky]

Oh, what’s that? You want to preview the album before buying it? You can stream the entire thing on the album’s website. [Click This Clicky, Too]

The Human Rights Campaign needs to stop playing pat-a-cake with Barack Obama and Washington. [AMERICAblog]

No one here is gonna dispute that 1984 was a jacked up place. So take a trip down memory lane to see where Louisville was projected to be in the year 2010. It’s a hot mess, for sure. Hair and everything. The footage of Steve Beshear will blow your mind. [More LEO’s Fat Lip]

Kentucky is altering its lethal injection execution protocol after major outcry. [AP via H-L]

That former Mongiardo girlfriend? She’s not just any former girlfriend. Her name is Francene. And if I’m forced to discuss everything (I won’t reveal anything I don’t already have approval to share – going back months and months), you know it’ll make major news. [Bluegrass Bulletin]

5 thoughts on “New Music Tuesday Is Great for Kentucky Stars

  1. The Gallop Poll measured “Well-Being”, an intentionally vague objective.
    Louisville finishing dead last in the “Healthy Behavior” sub-index proves this Gallup Poll wasn’t a measurement of happiness or sadness.
    According to the link above, the Healthy Behavior sub-index was based on the following factors: smoking, eating healthy, weekly consumption of fruits and vegetables, and exercise frequency.
    Smoking is unhealthy but not necessarily unhappy. Some people enjoy smoking.
    What if you happen to enjoy eating pastries, pizza, and fried foods?
    What if eating vegetables makes you unhappy?
    Many people do not want to exercise on a regular basis.
    Bob Hill, the great Courier-Journal columnist and masterful gardener, once wrote that Louisville exemplifies “happy living” not “healthy living”.
    I couldn’t agree more! Louisville rules!!
    Rain, year-round cool weather, traffic congestion on the 101, angry yuppies frustrated because they can’t afford to live in San Francisco proper; I could make a damn good argument the Santa Clara County area isn’t so grand anyway!

  2. Even if you have the approval to share those e-mails, would it not be a bit disrespectful to Francene’s memory to do so? Just sayin’

  3. I haven’t released them for that very reason. I’m torn.

    But on a number of occasions beginning months and months ago she pressed me to do so.

    I would never, however, release anything super-personal or damaging on an intimate level.

  4. Well if she was interested in tearing down his candidacy, might be a fitting tribute to her memory. Just sayin’ as well…

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