Some Fancy Friday Evening Time Wasters

We believe the incompetent Whitley County Sheriff should resign immediately. [Page One]

Jeff Greer is bought and paid for by the payday loan industry. Just check his latest campaign finance reports. [H-L]

Even the Courier-Journal editorial board is on to Greer’s hypocrisy. He’s the embodiment of being unethical. [C-J]

More Joe Arnold on Trey Grayson being mean to poor Rand Paul. [WHAS11]

We hear Bob Damron is running scared now that he’s got a Republican running against him that isn’t a nutbag. Outside of hating the gays and wanting to force his “values” down your throat, that is. Which is no different than Bob. [Peter Kerr]

Jack Conway sat down with WYMT to discuss job creation. [WYMT]

Rand Paul apparently attacked Adair County Republicans and made a bunch of shiz up when he was called a liar. This race is crazy. Buncha shizhouse rats eating each other alive. [Some Bill Johnson Lady]

Greg Stumbo just doesn’t care for Mike McCall making eleventeen hundred thousand dollars while being a whiny ass titty baby. [Tom Loftus]

Don’t miss Comment on Kentucky tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on KET. Scheduled guests include Ronnie Ellis, Stephenie Steitzer and Samantha Swindler (Times Tribune of Corbin). [Press Release]

State Rep. Reginald Meeks has had it up to his elbows with Frankfort and he’s coming unhinged. I love it more than my luggage. Check out these awesome bits from his latest email blast. [The ‘Ville Voice]

What are these people smoking? Hells yes we’d risk our lives to save pets. [HuffPo]

Crazy Jim Bunning Goes Crazy Again

This on the Senate floor in a heated discussion about an extension of unemployment benefits.

Woe, the crazy hypocrisy of Jim Bunning.

UPDATE: Click here (Warning: PDF Link) for the letter Governor Steve Beshear just sent to Jim Bunning.

“These unemployed Kentuckians come from hard-working families that have struggled for months to find new employment in the greatest economic recession in our lifetime,” wrote Gov. Beshear.  “They are mothers and fathers who are trying to put food on the table for their children and seniors who are trying to pay the rent.”

P.S. WHAS11 just said Bunning’s Louisville office received a bomb threat shortly before 4:00 P.M. Guess there ARE people more insane than Bunning.

Whitley County Sheriff Hodge Should Resign

Yesterday I highlighted two audits of Whitley County Sheriff Lawrence Hodge.

Tens of thousands of dollars just missing, shoddy records and massive corruption.

And last night the Herald-Leader’s Bill Estep shared additional details.

That’s on top of an ongoing federal investigation.

So what happens next?

Hodge has abused his authority and embarrassed Southeastern Kentucky for long enough. This level of corruption cannot be tolerated in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

We call on Sheriff Hodge to resign immediately.

Telephone him at (606) 549-6006 ext 6007 if you think it’s time for him to leave office. You may also email him at

P.S. Here’s this story from WKYT.

Rand Paul Takes Illegal Clip To Radio

Rand Paul has taken footage of Trey Grayson – that he’s using illegally and without permission – to the radio.

Here’s a transcript of his latest ad running on Christian radio:

Female voice: “Trey Grayson is lying. Rand Paul is 100% Pro-Life and will cast every vote to protect unborn children. He supports a federal law to define life as beginning at conception. And Rand Paul has been endorsed by conservative leaders like Sarah Palin and Concerned Women for America- one of the strongest Pro-Life organizations in the country. They trust Rand Paul and his Pro-Life record. Trey Grayson? Listen for yourself.”

Trey Grayson’s voice: “I look forward to doing my part as Secretary of State and as a citizen by working with President Obama.“

Female voice: “Working with Obama? The same Obama who wants to reinstate partial birth abortion and eliminate parental notification?”

Obama’s voice: “On this fundamental issue, I will not yield and Planned Parenthood will not yield.”

Female voice: “Trey Grayson and Obama- working together. With our values under attack we can’t trust Trey Grayson.”

Rand Paul’s voice: “I’m Rand Paul and I approve this message.”

Paid for by Rand Paul for U.S. Senate

Meanwhile, Rand’s campaign manager is perpetuating amateur hour and putting the campaign at legal risk.

Rand Paul Illegally Uses Footage Again

David Adams has done it again – illegally using footage of Trey Grayson without permission. Unfortunately, David doesn’t live in the reality-based community where shiz like, you know, copyright and election law matter. I hear FEC and FCC complaints have already been drafted and sent off to the appropriate agencies.

So now they’re trying to insinuate that Grayson supports draft dodging. It’s hilarity:

We’re really supposed to believe that Rand Paul is a big, tough military man? All because his moonbat daddy was once in the military?


Fun Times With Coal Baron Don Blankenship

What’s that? Massey Coal King Don Blankenship is on the Twitter machine?

Let’s take a look at some of the things he’s had to say recently…

Is it really wise for King Coal to address domestic violence? It was just a couple months ago when the industry’s spokesperson was in trouble for beating his wife in a parking lot.

Alert! Global warming is a hoax and a ponzi scheme! Haha. Hahahaha.

Peep some additional King Coal fun times after the jump…

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