Rainy Morning Dept of Screwed Budgetary Failure

If you missed Governor Steve Beshear’s ridiculous budget address last night, I’ve got all the details and all the documents you’ll need. Including the bits and pieces about gambling – which he is including for a failed third time. [Page One]

Not even the Kentucky Equine Education Project will say whether or not Beshear’s “budget” will help pass gambling. And Greg Stumbo admits that Governor hasn’t reached out to him. The writing is on the wall. [Joe Gerth]

But wait – here’s the higher education community hinging its future on Steve Beshear’s unsupported proposal. [Ryan Alessi & Jim Warren]

Unlike Lt. Dan, Jack Conway would welcome President Barack Obama to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. [Barefoot & Progressive]

Jack Conway kicks off his United States Senate campaign today. And here’s more about his Kentucky Jobs Tour. [Jack Conway]

Papaw is betting the entire farm on gambling and he’s going to lose it in 10 days. Cause that’s how long Greg Stumbo has given him to try to push his mess through. [Stephenie Steitzer]

What do you mean we knew this economic depression was going to occur as early as 2004? You mean Warshington hid sugar-coated everything? [Fat Lip]

This could be the only good thing China has done, ever, outside of buying all of our debt and enslaving us forever. The red country has pulled that damn blue space deer people movie from theaters. Amen. [HuffPo]

Buying votes in Clay County is expensive these days. People used to get bought off with just a fifth of disgusting booze. [H-L]

3 thoughts on “Rainy Morning Dept of Screwed Budgetary Failure

  1. Hey Gov. One Termer, pres. Obama just signed a memorandum (carried on CNN) directing the IRS to collect $5B in back taxes owed to the Fderal government. Also to look at federal contracts held by tax cheats.

    Last year the LHL did a story interviewing one of your Revenue officials and she said Ky is owed over $900m in uncollected state taxes.

    Why don’t you follow Obamas lead and direct your Revenue officials to collect that $900m. While your at it, look for solutions to our uncollected vehicle taxes in northern Ky. There are too many Ky residents living in our state but continue to register their vehicles in Ohio and Indiana.

  2. Thunder Storm, don’t you understand that this governor ran for the job _only_ to get expanded gaming passed? Beyond that, he has no plans nor does he care to have any.

    We frankly have to wait until the end of next year to see if we can change administrations. Beshear is a lost cause.

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