Wednesday Morning Dept of Fauxficiency Measures

Today Steve Beshear, Jonathan Miller, Mary Lassiter and Daniel Mongiardo are holding a press conference to make an announcement regarding “new state government efficiency measures.” Guess they won’t start talking about “efficiency” by explaining why Lt. Dan hasn’t had to take a 10% salary cut like everyone else or why he receives a housing allowance for living out-of-county with his in-laws. [Press Release]

78 guns unaccounted for by Whitley County Sheriff. [AP via H-L]

Monsanto’s genetically modified corn has been linked to organ failure. Imagine that. Thank goodness we (not me, but all Kentuckians) have some great practices in Kentucky that involve growing our own fruits and vegetables – organically, from non-Monsanto horse shiz – just like our ancestors have done for centuries. [HuffPo]

Kentucky can’t afford these King Coal tax breaks – especially on coal that’s not even from Kentucky. [H-L]

Gay teen in Louisville worried he might be Christian. [The Onion]

What? Ben Chandler gets ANOTHER Republican opponent? [Click the Clicky]

Mitch McConnell is once again complaining about our economic situation. As he usually does, he backs away from everything at the last minute, refuses to make a comment until he complains and never offers an alternative solution. [Politico]

Democrats spent $890,000 on the special election Jodie Haydon lost. The winner, Jimmie Jimmy (don’t read hilarious shiz about Jimmie Lee before writing at 5:00 A.M.) Higdon, spent $328,000. Republic… er, Democrat Ed Worley points out just how inept the Democratic operation was. [Joe Gerth]

You following this Lawson-Nighbert trial? It’s turning into a hot mess. Just wait til Papaw and Ernest Lee have to testify. [John Cheves]

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  1. Lockett actually announced last summer via Facebook. He hasn’t gotten the attention or sent out the number of blast e-mail as Andy Barr, thus why he hasn’t gotten much attention.

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