Tuesday Evening Dept of Fletcheresque Nightmare

Public Policy Polling should come to Kentucky for its finally poll of 2009. [Don’t Forget to Vote!]

Surprise, surprise: Ron Mills’ personnel file contained no complaints. This is turning into Steve Beshear’s Fletcheresque nightmare. [John Cheves]

When is Jack Conway’s U.S. Senate campaign going to hire Liberty Concepts or some other development firm to build a website that doesn’t absolutely suck in every way? Lt. Dan wins the website war, for sure. [Jack & Lt. Dan]

It’s disappointing that Republicans in Kentucky still listen to the hatemonger Rush Limbaugh as their dear leader. [Air America]

Why does Joe hate the Dear Lord Baby Jesus in the Golden David Vitter Diaper so badly? He is so mean to Christmas! [Barefoot & Progressive]

Glenn Beck makes shiz up about Arctic Sea ice? To think this is where Ayn Rand Paul announced his candidacy. [Media Matters]

Jill York took the oath of office this morning becoming the new State Representative for the 96th House District. [SoS Alert]

A judge refused to let Ken Mullikin (former Campbell Co Democratic Party chair) off the hook with community service for his unfortunate kiddie pornography thingy. [Various Reports]

FEAR! TEABAGGER VAPORS! Nobama and Warren Buffett are kinda related! [Reuters via Yahoo!]

Eric Patrick Marr dropped out of the Lexington mayoral race and endorsed Jim Gray. [Transform Lexington via Barefoot & Progressive]

The homosexuals can almost marry in Gay Washington. [Oh, The Fear]