28 thoughts on “Rand Paul’s Campaign Now Anti-Semitic

  1. Wow, this is really disturbing. This is definitely a mainstream media story, I wonder if they will pick up on it?

    Paul should be forced to comment on something like this, it’s just sad.

  2. Uh, considering it’s a Paul Campaign employee laughing about comparing Trey Grayson to Adolf Hitler, maybe?

    And maybe the fact that it’s a Paul supporter who created the video in the first place. A video – again – using Adolf Hitler, the architect of the murder of more than 6 million Jews – in a comparison to Paul’s opponent.

  3. This is hilarious. I hope Rand Paul gives everybody in Kentucky’s Establishment hell. No to Patriot Act. No to warrantless search and seizure, and no to more War. Rand Paul. These are great ideas. Keep it up.

  4. This is hillarious!!! What the heck are you talking about, Rand being anti semetic? This shows Grayson being anti semetic! You guys are just grumpy over this !

    By the way, you fool, I just researched and found out that you got this from an anti Rand Paul website #1 (so whos side are you on, page one?) by Mike Bryant (mentioned in this joke film). #2, it was never created by a Paul campaign employee!!!! It was created by a fan, dummy! Do a little research before you get you get ahead of yourself, pageoneky!!!

  5. Nope, sorry, doesn’t portray Trey Grayson as an Anti-Semite. It’s Paul/Paul supporters who created it.

    You didn’t do very good research, because I got this from a prominent Kentucky republican.

    And you also didn’t do any research if you think I care about either repub candidate.

    Thanks for the out-of-state Paultard traffic, folks.

  6. I recall in 2004 there were many sites by liberal Democrats comparing Bush to Hitler. Were they Anti-Semetic as well?

  7. By the same logic, Jeff Gordon is anti-semitic because one of his fans used the same film to criticize Jimmy Johnson’s success over him in NASCAR. Hillary Clinton must be anti-Semitic also, along with the Borg.
    I’ve seen at least three versions of this film with different subtitles. Apparently, Jake isn’t familiar with how frequently this clip is used, so we must forgive him if he thinks this is a real issue.
    Remember the story of the boy who called “wolf” once too often? I’m afraid it may be happening here and people will ignore any non-faux outrage-ous things Jake may come up with.

  8. sorry that you cannot attack rand on the issues, and you have to resort to childish attempts to link Rand to Anti-Semitism..


  9. Actually, I attack him on the issues just about every day.

    And this is one of them.

    It marks the second time Rand has directly or indirectly referred to an elected official as Adolf Hitler.

  10. HAHAHA…This is so stupid. Jake you have been trained well by the childish brand of journalism that pollutes the clutter of journalistic garbage. Look, as someone who studied the media, and specifically new media, you might want to go a little higher brow than this if you want your blog to get a following (I assume you have some connection with this blog because of the vigor at which you defend it).

    On a lighter note, what happened to a sense of humor my friend. I am not a participant in the overly sensitive/political correct culture you subscribe to. You will probably call me a racist too for saying that because its “so-in-vogue” in the political arena to do so. I do not know what your angle is but whatever it is posting this only helped Rand Paul by making his opposition look petty and desperate.

    You are right, if you were to accuse me of not living in Kentucky, or lovingly referring me as a “Paultard.” I love this country and Rand is running for a federal office and that makes it my concern too. Not only that but my great grandfather held the Senate seat Rand is running for and I would like to see it filled by someone who would bring honor to it.

    I hope you realize that there is a more constructive political discourse, one that might help this country reach some much needed solutions on real problems and not distract people from ‘the man behind the curtain’ by treating seriously an obvious farce.

    Have a great day everyone!

  11. People have been telling me for three years that I’m going to fail, will never have a following, yadda yadda.

    I’ll let that speak for itself.

    And Marlow Cook was your Great Grandfather? Maybe Thruston Morton? Doubtful.

  12. Whoever made that video is not from around here, obviously. Everyone knows there are no Republicans in Prestonsburg.

  13. I don’t know. Hitler nationalized the banks. Trey Grayson’s being supported by Banksters who were bailed out. And Senators who voted for said nationalization.

    There are probably some policy comparisons that could be made.

  14. This scene from Downfall has been the subject of hundreds(!) of parodies in the past few years. It’s getting old. If anything, this just shows how behind the times Kentucky is in the application of humor. Get a life, people.

  15. What this shows is the NRSC’s ability to capitalize upon an obscure connection with the Paul campaign to something unfortunate.

    It’s called politics.

    And, unfortunately for the majority of Paultards, politics can be a total bitch.

    Thanks for all the out-of-state traffic, kids!

  16. Garrett Lee Withers a U.S. Senator and Representative from Kentucky was my Great Grandfather.

    I agree, I think we should let your site speak for itself. Now that I know you participate in petty political gossip when I see your news feed results for Rand Paul on google I am not going to bother clicking on it. Do not make yourself illegitimate with this stuff, just admit this is a goofy issue to pawn as real news, and move on to better things. If you attacked Rand on the issues at least I would have respect for you even if I disagree with you. You and everyone else who enojys debating on the internet should read the book the book “Toward a Civil Discourse Rhetoric and Fundamentalism” by Sharon Crowley

    I hope the best for you Jake, God knows we need a better class of journalist, I hope you become one of those.

  17. Goofy issue? When a campaign’s spokesperson equates someone to Adolf Hitler, the architect of countless millions of deaths?

    This is politics, sweetie.

    Things I’ve said for three years: I’m not a journalist – because I have ethics, am honest, and don’t participate in pay-to-play scenarios. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. I don’t want anybody reading this site if they don’t like it. I’ve said it time and time repeatedly.

    Concern trolls are fun.

  18. The attempts to distract from the fact that the Rand Paul campaign’s official spokesman endorsed this sick, disgusting video as amusing are pitiful. Lucas King has some serious issues telling you that you need to “do some research.” The point is not who created it – it is the fact that the Rand Paul campaign’s staff thinks it’s a good video to compare Trey Grayson to Adolf Hitler. That links the video to Rand Paul and his official campaign, regardless of who originally created it. It shows the lack of the most basic integrity. It’s absolutely outrageous. And then you come on here and say it is really just trying to say Trey Grayson is anti-semetic – as if that kind of outrageous slander makes it any better. But anything to win, right?

    Is there nothing the Rand Paul campaign and its supporters will not defend? Politics as usual – and the worst example of it.

  19. Tracy Saboe, dear, that’s a real indictment on your personal integrity to say it is legitimate to make policy comparisons between Trey Grayson and Adolf Hitler, but all too typical of the Rand Paul supporters. You also link to a fake campaign website which deliberately lies and says Trey Grayson was a delegate for Bill Clinton, which never happened – but again, anything to win, right? Trey Grayson is the “other candidate”, and as such, must be personally and professionally destroyed by any means no matter whether it is true or not, right? The ends justify the means, right? Amazingly that site even tries to link Trey Grayson to the Keating 5 scandal – Grayson was a kid in high school then. Absolutely nutty, absolutely ridiculous.

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